In next month’s regular (snail mail) Newsletter, you will find: a lead article by David Brickner titled, “What You Get”; a brief summary of “Some Changes” in terms of various missionaries transferred to different positions; an article on the Jewish holiday, Shavuot, titled “From Passover to Pentecost”; “Take Time for the Aged” by Mira Gracheva, Moscow outreach worker; “The Missing Ingredient to Successful Evangelism” by Moishe Rosen and Bits from the Branches in Boston, New York, Sydney and Kharkov.

IF YOU WANT US TO WITNESS TO YOUR JEWISH FRIEND through our Letter of Witness program, click here for a form where you can fill out both your and your Jewish friend’s name and address (we’ll need yours for our records if you submit the name of a Jewish friend.)

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