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with the help of 23 volunteers (10 from OM and two from YWAM, as well as our own Jews for Jesus volunteers) we met 147 Israelis who don’t know Jesus and are willing to hear more from us.

Highlights: Zeev prayed with one Israeli to receive the Lord! He also wrote a special broadside for the festival, as well as a web ad that was posted on a Hebrew search engine prior to the festival.

The team distributed 700 books and 1,000 broadsides.

The festival enables us to meet people at our booth or at a book table, but when everyone hits the beach, that’s the place to reach them. The gentleman in the white shirt and black hat is part of an ultra Orthodox group called Chabad.

And what about the Hebrew lettering? The shirts say Yeshua Hai (Jesus Lives) on both the front and the back. The sign on the booth also says Yeshua Hai. The small sign on the book table says “Books for Free.”

Here in the United States we are still fighting for freedom of speech. Please pray for wisdom concerning a case regarding the right to hand out free gospel literature in the Port of Portland (Oregon) airport. This is a battle we fought many years ago, when Moishe Rosen was arrested for handing out tracts at the Portland airport.

Though we initially lost that case, we won it in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. We recently faced the same battle in Portland. When we lost the case initially, we expected the precedent of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to be upheld. But it was not. Please pray for us to know how to proceed, and that God will protect our freedom of speech as well as our wonderful volunteers in Portland who are eager to continue handing out tracts.

It’s not too late to be part of Behold Your God New York this summer! As of this writing we still are seeking out many more people to join with us to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue in the greater New York area. Rather than our usual Summer Witnessing campaign focused almost exclusively in Manhattan, this year we are running campaigns in all the boroughs and outlying areas, as well as to three special people groups. With a total of nine campaigns that will be running concurrently, we still need 70 campaigners and 40 stewards to work behind the scenes. For more information on how you can serve please go to:


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