Senior Staff Meets to Discuss Serious Matters and then Celebrate the Apostle Paul’s Birthday

The Jews for Jesus Council (and advisory committee to the executive director) meet for three days, three times a year in San Francisco. Other senior staff, while not voting members of the Council, join for times of teaching and discussion. They review applications for staff positions, discuss policies and events pertaining to Jewish evangelism and go over various other agenda items.

The most recent meeting was last week. One highlight was having Tuvya Zaretsky, who just received his Doctorate of Missiology degree from Western Seminary, give a lesson based on his dissertation. He summarized his pre-evangelistic study on the challenges that Jewish-Gentile couples face and what that means for those of us looking to reach them with the gospel. We were all excited to see how Tuvya’s findings will help us to minister to many of the mixed couples we encounter, as they often call Jews for Jesus hoping to find some common spiritual ground.

With so much time sitting in meetings and discussions, we have a tradition of going out on the streets the second day for a sortie (tract-passing expedition). With so many of our staff gathered in one place, we are able to saturate the city of San Francisco, from the financial district to the Castro, a center for the gay community. It’s always refreshing to be able to witness in the midst of our meeting time, and to remember that all our discussions and deliberations are to better equip us to reach the lost.

At the end of our meeting on Friday, the Council and attending senior staff joined with our headquarters staff to celebrate the Apostle Paul’s birthday. Well, actually, this birthday” is a floating Jews for Jesus holiday. Once every year or two we gather for a picnic, a time of fellowship and food and flying kites. We joke that we are celebrating the Apostle’s birthday because it is not an official holiday and we don’t do it on the same date every year. Anyway, it’s a great time to enjoy one another and the Lord, and it’s a fun time for family as well. If you want to see some pics of the Jews for Jesus *mishpochah* (family) go to:


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