RealTime May 2004

Counting Down
May 1, 2004
Topics: shavuot

A little boy approached me with brightness in his eyes, excitement in his voice and proudly announced, My birthday is next month. I will be five years old!” I smiled as he told me of his much-anticipated birthday. He was counting the days. That’s the kind...

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Pray for These Unnamed Behold Your God Cities

*Behold Your God is our five-year dream of reaching every city of 25,000 or more Jewish people (outside of Israel, where we do have a flourishing work). Sixty-some-odd cities qualify for a BYG outreach by virtue of their Jewish population. Normally, we like to tell...

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Senior Staff Meets to Discuss Serious Matters and then Celebrate the Apostle Paul’s Birthday

The Jews for Jesus Council (and advisory committee to the executive director) meet for three days, three times a year in San Francisco. Other senior staff, while not voting members of the Council, join for times of teaching and discussion. They review applications for...

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Bay to Breakers 2004: Arrest Averted

The Bay to Breakers is a San Francisco tradition; it’s a seven mile race” that begins at the San Francisco Bay and ends up at the ocean. We use the word “race” loosely, because while there are some serious runners, there are also many who come...

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David Brickner’s Book Review in Christianity Today

In an article titled “Elephant in the Room” David gives a critique of a book titled “Jews and Christians: People of God” by Carl E. Braaten and Robert W. Jenson. David points out some foundational problems with those who purport to engage in...

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