Salvation In Budapest

Kata Tar from our Budapest team reports, “When I first met Gézaduring our summer campaign two years ago, he responded to the gospel very emotionally, praying with me in tears. But when it came to follow-up, he seemed to be playing hide-and-seek with us. He seemed almost proud that nobody had been able to ‘convert’ him. He told me he was a poet and a teacher at an academy. He’d lost his voice because of cancer, so I have no idea how he was actually teaching. He was practically homeless.

“I was happy to see Géza reappear at one of our regular Havurah meetings. Avi was preaching on the ‘scandal’ that God had provided only one way for salvation—namely, Yeshua (Jesus). Géza paid close attention, yet when Avi invited people to receive Yeshua, he did not respond. However, after the message, during our small group discussions, he agreed with the other group members that Yeshua is the only way to salvation. I asked him to stay to chat with me afterwards.

“Géza told me that he’d lost his job, his poems had been destroyed in a flood, and he now had cancer in his lungs. It was heartbreaking. I prayed for him and then he indicated that he wanted to pray. It was a voicless cry of a broken heart as he whispered his thanks to God for giving us Yeshua, and for sparing his life so many times until he was finally able to surrender it to Jesus. Géza is 75, but now a new born baby in God’s family. His whisper has been heard in Heaven.”


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