Moody Students Rock!


Vlad Mitnitsky (who heads up our evangelism team in Tel Aviv) reports, “The Israel branch conducted four days of outreach with a team of 36 students from Moody Bible Institute. They were a terrific group, ready to reach out with us through placards, surveys (of which they conducted at least 183 at the Tel Aviv University) and literature distribution. They brought in 87 new contacts—including 77 Jews and nine Gentiles who don’t know the Lord. (Only in Israel, out of 87 contacts, just one was a Christian!)

Israel branch director Dan Sered adds, “Yoel and I spent a day training the group, then we divided them into four teams of nine people each. Two teams did evangelism alongside our missionaries, while another team worked behind the scenes in the office and at the Moishe Rosen Center (helping us with mailings, painting, cleaning, organizing etc….). The fourth team we sent to partner with friends at another local ministry called ‘Abundant Life.’ They minister to prostitutes and trafficked women. The teams rotated so everyone got to serve in all three ways. The entire team was a huge help and blessing for us!”

Here’s a report from one of the young women on the Moody team:

“I was surprised by how many students were willing to stop and talk about Jesus when our team was assigned to evangelize near the entrance of Tel Aviv University campus. We talked with people for hours! Yet many of the conversations grew discouraging as the day went on, and so many people flat-out rejected the idea of a living Savior. We continued, knowing that God is able to use even seemingly dead-end conversations. I asked God to give me a conversation that would reveal a spark to let me see Him at work.

“Soon after, I asked a young Muslim student if she had a second to talk about Jesus. She stopped, curious to hear what I knew about Him. I explained how we are separated from God, and how because He loved us, He made it possible to have a relationship with Him by living a perfect life and dying a perfect death in our place. When I told her that she was loved by God, she started crying. She hugged me and thanked me. I asked if this was something she wanted—if she wanted to follow Jesus. She said with eyes full of tears that she did want it, but that being Muslim, her family wouldn’t approve. She started quickly walking away, but I managed to hand her a Gospel of Matthew before she crossed the street.

“Soon after, I had a meaningful conversation with a Jewish student, who began with feelings of anger but then wanted to hear the gospel again (others have shared with her). I saw her she softened as I described God’s love for her.
She told me she had difficulty reading her copy of the New Testament because it was only in Hebrew, and her first language is English. After our conversation, she thanked me and began walking away, but then turned and said she had one more question. It wasn’t so much a question as great frustration over how Christians have treated Jews throughout history and even today. Again, she listened carefully to my response, and thanked me, in tears, as she left.

“I am so thankful for the chance to work with Jews for Jesus and to watch God work through such an incredible and faithful organization.”

And here’s a report from one of the young men:

“As a young Chinese man, I questioned how I would be able to spread the gospel in Tel Aviv. This was my initial thought when I met a 67-year-old woman sitting on a bench. She wasn’t interested in the gospel and seemed to view me with contempt. She said that she was an atheist but noted that her son was a Buddhist. I explained how I had been raised in the Buddhist tradition in China, and shared how Jesus loved me and saved me from my New Age beliefs. Suddenly this woman was interested in hearing more about my faith and listened to my entire story. When I shared with her how God loves us so much that He came down to earth through His Son Yeshua, a big smile spread across her face. She declared how much she enjoyed the story and was willing for us to pray for her in Jesus’ name. After the conversation, she couldn’t stop smiling. What a miracle!”

Please pray for the salvation of this woman, the two students, Muslim and Jewish, as well as the 86 others who gave their contact information during this four-day outreach!


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