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We hope you noticed the announcement of openings for Lon Solomon’s tour of Israel in the March edition of our newsletter. If not, check out the March edition here. A frequently asked question for those who have never been to Israel is “Is it safe?” 

There are no guarantees of safety anywhere in the world, just as there are no guarantees against being struck with a catastrophic illness. Our safety is always in God’s hands, wherever we may be. That said, you can be sure that Israel is most appreciative of tourists, whose desire to see the country provides employment for about 6% of Israel’s work force. The government is extremely aware of security issues for obvious reasons, and takes every precaution to protect tourists. Those who’ve traveled to Israel on tours in the past will attest to that fact.

The most visited city in Israel is Jerusalem, which receives some 3.4 million tourists a year. Tel Aviv is Israel’s second most visited city, and should you choose to join Lon’s tour group, you will get to meet some of our staff there and hear about the missionary work first hand.

Many people report their time in Israel as “the trip of a lifetime.” Maybe you will too! 


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