Thanks to all who prayed for our DC team as they greeted people with postcards and banners about peace in anticipation of yesterday’s speech by Prime Minister Netanyahu. Branch leader Larry Dubin said of the crowd gathered on the west lawn of the capitol, “About half were Jewish and all seemed very supportive of Israel.

“A variety of banners and flags led to a lot of conversations.  Our banner slogans, ‘The Only hope for Peace was Born in the Middle East!’ and ‘Did Ancient Hebrew Prophets speak of our days?’ were great icebreakers to start gospel conversations.  Jewish people who don’t yet follow Yeshua, Christians who support the State of Israel, as well as journalists/reporters took the opportunity to speak with us. It was a time to plant and a time to water gospel seed. Video footage of our ‘Only hope for Peace’ banner turned up in Arutz Sheva, an online publication known as Israel’s #1 news site.

“Before the crowd was dispersed by ice-cold rain, all sorts of people gathered near our ‘The Only Hope for Peace was Born in the Middle East!’ banner for a group picture, as seen above.

“Please pray for people who saw and talked to us to truly consider the peace that only Yeshua (Jesus) can bring.”