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Sometimes people raise theological and intellectual objections, but don’t bring up more personal objections to the gospel. You might answer one question after another, only to find that no answer will satisfy because of the very real questions and objections that remain below the surface. Avi Snyder will identify five of these questions and objections for you. He will help you explore ways to bring those questions to the surface and deal with them in a sensitive but effective way as you share your faith with friends on a new level. This webinar is free, and it’s a great opportunity to hear practical advice from someone who knows whereof he speaks! Pray for many to tune in to Avi’s webinar and find confidence to share their faith more effectively, especially with Jewish friends.

Date & Time: 5 Mar 2015, 18:00 GMT
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Avi Snyder was raised in a Jewish home in New York and came to a saving faith in Jesus in 1977 with the help of a Jews for Jesus tract and the forthright witness of Christian friends. He graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary School of World Mission, with a masters degree in missiology. Avi has served with Jews for Jesus since 1978 and has provided leadership for the ministry in Los Angeles, New York and London, as well as establishing the work in the former Soviet Union, where he lived for seven years. He currently lives in Hungary, and he oversees the ministry throughout Europe and the former USSR.


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