Jews for Jesus fun with Purim

Last week’s Purim celebrations gave Jews for Jesus the chance to put on costumes, party and take the message of God’s unexpected redemption to the streets. From puppets to pastries to a friendly game of “get the pig in the bucket,” we celebrated God’s power to rescue His people against any odds.

Our New York team had outreaches at three locations: Washington Square Park, Union Square (pictured above) and Soho. The team offered free hamantaschen (holiday cookies/pastries), gospel literature and photo booth opportunities … and generally spread cheer to all.

In Chicago, the team donned their Purim attire and took the gospel message to the nightlife hotspot of Wicker Park. Missionary Elliot Marks reports, “We set up a table outside the train station with a game of ‘get the pig into the bucket.’ Whoever got three pigs into the bucket received a prize: rings for ladies and trophies for the gentlemen. (Editor: as you can see from the brief video, they made it easy enough for people to win!) But everyone received an invitation to interact in a gospel conversation. At least 30 people took a turn at playing the game. We also handed out ‘Haman didn’t like Jews’ tracts to those passing by. One Jewish woman was interested enough in hearing more about what we believe to give us her details, and many more had a chance to hear the gospel.”

Ron giving the Purim message
In Florida, Co-Laborer Ron Mcdevitt hosted a Purim event that was attended by 42 people, including several who’ve come to faith through Ron’s ministry. They had a puppet show and Ron spoke on Purim and its significance to us today. And of course, the refreshments were delish.

Our DC branch in Purim regalia

Our DC branch also had a good time dressing up to host a Purim party, as you can see in this photo. Branch leader Larry Dubin reports, “As we read the whole Megillah (aka the Book of Esther), you could hear the traditional cheers at the mention of Queen Esther and Mordechai, but Haman…his name was drowned out by festive noisemakers called groggers while some shouted, stomped and let out a loud ‘boo!’

“We ate hamantaschen, three-cornered cookies or pastries that are supposed to resemble the hat that Haman wore. We concluded that though God is not mentioned in the entire book of Esther, we know that He was present in the story and we’re grateful to be reminded of the faithfulness of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to our Jewish people.”

In San Francisco, five families and twelve children gathered in our Hospitality House to celebrate Purim. Jeremiah Zaretsky reports, “Sarah Mebasser read the Megillah  while her husband, Emmanuel, my wife, Hannah, and I acted out the main characters. Children were dressed up as princesses, Superman and other hero-like characters. After hearing the Megillah, the children went to a table to work on holiday-related crafts. Of course, what Purim party would be complete without good food? The party also gave us an opportunity to invite mothers of our kids’ playmates (Jewish moms who don’t yet know Jesus).”

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