India Night at the Rosen Center

We’ve come a long way. Israelis now ask Jews for Jesus, “Is it okay to talk to you about your beliefs?” Pictured here are Eli Birnbaum and his wife, Shoshana. They coordinated the India Gallery, Jews for Jesus’ most recent outreach event in Tel Aviv. Since we asked you to pray for this last month we wanted to let you know that the event brought in 120 Israelis who do not yet know Yeshua, outnumbering the 56 believers who came more than two to one.

The event stemmed from Massah, an annual JFJ summer outreach to trekkers in India. Displaying photos and paintings of India, serving Indian food and chai gave our staff and volunteers a great way to connect with Israelis we’ve met on Massah … as well as the friends they invited and others we’ve been reaching out to in the neighborhood.

Each guest was greeted and given a brief explanation about the venue for the gallery (the Moishe Rosen Center, or MRC) and how it was named for the founder of Jews for Jesus. Eli Birnbaum, who coordinates events at the MRC said,

“The best ‘evangelists’ were the artists themselves, though they aren’t believers (YET!). They wanted to help us explain who we are, and were happy to introduce us to their friends.

“As far as I know six people took a New Testament (we had lots of New Testaments and Y’shua books lying around randomly). We weren’t pushing literature but were inviting people to ask questions if they were interested. It was amazing to see how almost every person WAS interested. At least ten people I spoke to made a point to make sure it was okay for them to ask me about my faith! Please continue to pray for those who attended, particularly those who wanted to discuss our faith, that we will be able to have continued contact with them.”


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