Purim Outreaches

From New York City, Rachel Friedlander reports, “The Friday before Purim, the Jews for Jesus New York staff partnered with nine volunteers from the New York and Connecticut area to do a holiday-centered creative outreach!

“Despite the cold, we went out in true Purim fashion. We were decked out in hats, tiaras, scepters, crowns and more, split our group in half and headed in opposite directions: 72nd & Broadway and Williamsburg.

“At each location, a display board was set up on a table. It depicted the silhouette of an unknown man and the words, ‘Purim: A Story of Unlikely Heroes. Who’s Your Hero?’ We asked passersby to jot down their answer on a sticky note and attach it to the board (much like our Hanukkah outreach–which you can read about here). In Williamsburg, we even asked some to take a step further and give their answer on camera as we filmed. On the street corners and sidewalks around the table, many also handed out a nifty little postcard.”

From Odessa, Leonid Vasserman reports, “The week before Purim we handed out cards inviting people to our special holiday Shabbat meeting. Seventy-three people attended, including seventeen Jewish seekers, five of whom prayed with us to repent and receive the Lord. Also, 22 Gentile seekers came, one of whom prayed with us to receive the Lord.

Then at the New Jerusalem Congregation, (recently established with people we’ve ministered to in Odessa) 87 people came to the Purim holiday service, including six Jewish seekers, of whom two received Christ, and ten Gentile seekers, of whom four received Christ!”

From Dnepropetrovsk, Valery Bolotov reports, “On February 22 we conducted our Purim Shabbat meeting, attended by 27 people, including nine Jewish seekers.”

Please pray for the gospel seed that was sown to bear fruit!


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