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Wandering Jews for Jesus

Wandering Jews for Jesus
March 15, 2013

When I was growing up my mom always had beautiful plants hanging in the window of our family room. Their purple and green leaves always looked full and fresh. But the plants, called “Wandering Jews,” actually looked a lot nicer than the notion behind their name.

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Help us celebrate our 40th anniversary!
March 14, 2013

True, Jews for Jesus has been around since 32 A.D., give or take a year. After all, Jesus and His first disciples were Jewish, right? But on September 17, 1973, under the leadership of Moishe Rosen, a handful of us officially organized to make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people…

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Looking for an Internship?
March 13, 2013

Are you or someone you know looking for an internship? If you don’t mind living in a world-class city like San Francisco this summer (and possibly beyond), we are seeking tech and publication-savvy interns to help us increase our social media and web outreach. For specifics on these — and other internships — contact

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Purim Outreaches
March 12, 2013

From New York City, Rachel Friedlander reports, “The Friday before Purim, the Jews for Jesus New York staff partnered with nine volunteers from the New York and Connecticut area to do a holiday-centered creative outreach! “Despite the cold, we went out in true Purim fashion. We were decked out in hats, tiaras, scepters, crowns and…

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Coconut Grove Art Festival
March 11, 2013

From our South Florida branch, Robyn Wilk reports, “Every year during Presidents’ Day weekend, the town of Coconut Grove (Miami area) holds a huge art festival. This is a great opportunity to be out talking to people, many of whom are Jewish. This year we were out there for three days. I was blessed to…

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Israel Danon

Son of our Brazil branch leader to be televised
March 10, 2013

  We hope you enjoyed last month’s photos from our Carnaval outreach. The photographer, Israel Danon, is a terrific young man who is not only the son of our Rio branch leader, but has participated on our Halutzim outreach in New York City. The church he attends broadcasts a TV program throughout Brazil and they…

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Jewish Facts of Life
March 9, 2013

Passover begins at sundown on March 25. Click here for Passover related articles, stories, poems, videos and possible events in your area. Also, read our perspective on Holocaust Remembrance Day which begins at sundown on April 6.

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Free Shipping on the Last Jew of Rotterdam

March 8, 2013

  Dr. Benjamin H. Cassutto recorded the amazing story of his parents, Ernest and Elly Cassutto, as a labor of love, editing memoirs his father had written, and of course drawing on his own memories of the stories he had heard growing up. Dr. Cassutto joined his parents in glory last October. His book is…

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Matza Ball Fight Game

Broadside and Video Downloads
March 7, 2013
Topics: broadsides

Videos Broadsides Read/Download the gospel tracts we handed out at the Coconut Grove Art Festival. Are you a Facebook Addict Download: [for printing] [for reading] Choices Choices Download: [for printing] [for reading] Have a Nice Day Download: [for printing] [for reading] Vegetarians for Meat Download: [for printing] [for reading] Culture Quiz Download: [for printing] [for…

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