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Moishe Rosen Center Dedication

As David Brickner mentioned in his article “Still Under Construction,” we’ve just dedicated the Moishe Rosen Center in Tel Aviv for God’s glory and the sake of the gospel in Israel.

During the service, Lyn Rosen Bond took a moment to read a brief message from her mother, Ceil: “Moishe was never keen on receiving human honors, but he would appreciate that this building is dedicated not so much to his memory, but to the goals and values he held dear because of his faith in Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel.”

Lyn went on to say, “Of course Mom is right, in fact, I remember going to his closet to bring him something he asked for, maybe his slippers or a change of clothes. What I remember is that in the back of his closet were framed diplomas and awards—the kinds of things many people display on their office walls. Dad never displayed those, but what he did display was a plaque that had a switchblade mounted on it. The story of that switchblade is told in detail in his biography, but basically he had been held up at knife point back in the 60s by a young man who said, ‘Your money or your life.’ Dad replied, ‘I don’t have much money, and my life already belongs to Jesus. If you use that knife you will put me in a better place, but one day you will die and then where will you be?’ Their conversation concluded with the young man praying to make Jesus his Savior.”

Lyn also recalled, “I remember being with Dad at my grandfather, Ben Rosen’s funeral. The rabbi looked at us, the family, and told us that if Ben were going to gain eternal life it would be through our memories of him. That we should not forget his good deeds, that we should continue to remember him and in that way he would live on. I am so glad that my father is living on in far more than memory, in the presence of the one who created us. He is there now. I am thankful for this building that reminds me of my father, not only who he was and but in Whom he believed.”

Blue Mosaic

Blue Mosaic is a group of Jewish believers in Jesus dedicated to presenting the gospel through music! The group sings in coffee houses, at open mic nights, parks, festivals, street fairs and university campuses, as well as presenting the ministry of Jews for Jesus in churches and congregations. See them in concert and hear their stories through this new video:

As the group is in the last stage of their tour, we’re putting together the next team. That means we are looking for Jewish believers age 18-39 who are skilled vocalists, instrumentalists, and singer-songwriters who have a passion for sharing the truth and love of Jesus with Jewish people. The next Blue Mosaic team will begin training in early June 2011, so the time to apply is now!

Interested? Fill out this contact form and we will be in touch with you. In any case, please pray for God to gather just the right group of people to serve Him in this unique way.



Branch leader Sergio Danon reports,

“Our Brazil Carnaval outreach began at 11pm on Friday night, March 4 and our last sortie ended at 4am on March 9. We had a total of nine people who went out on the streets, though not all nine went out every day. We had an average of six people on every sortie (tract-passing expedition) There were also five people (basically my family) helping with meals and logistics.

“We handed out 35,425 broadsides. We met a total of 84 people willing to hear more about Jesus, including nine Jewish people. We prayed with one Gentile to receive Jesus.

“We faced intense and constant rain throughout the entire outreach; there was not one day free of the rain. Sometimes the rain would stop during a sortie and then resume as we prepared to leave our sites.”

Here are reflections from some of the participants:


“In Lapa, I met a young guy who introduced himself as an active believer in Jesus, but, like many in the crowd, he was very drunk. He told me his mission was to experience the same things of the unbelievers, so that he could know what they went through and be better able to tell them about God. He made a point of saying he would pray for us so that we could go in peace to continue distributing our literature. How sad it was to see a believer immerse himself in sin with the idea that his wrongdoing would enable him to help others come to God.

“On the other hand, the following day in Ipanema I met a young couple who initially said they were atheists, but later confessed they needed “religion.” She said she knew it was important for her to remain pure for marriage, and wanted someone to help her. The boyfriend actually agreed with her and said he wanted to ‘start over’ to live right. I thought it was interesting to find unbelievers, especially during Carnaval, who thought that way. They gave their contact information and said they wanted someone to visit and tell them more about Jesus. His name is Carlos and her name is Priscilla.”


“I was broadsiding (handing out broadside tracts) in Ipanema when I met a young Christian who had strayed from the gospel. He told me he was on Carnaval because he was feeling alone at home, so decided to go out to drink and play at Carnaval. We talked through the gospel, we prayed together, and he told me he would return to Jesus.”


“I was broadsiding in Copacabana when I met a woman called Monica. She told me how she had grown up poor, but moved to Rio de Janeiro, where she improved her life. Now she owns one apartment in Rio and another one in the U.S.. She said that she lacks nothing financially, but she lacks Jesus in her heart, and she wants to learn more about Him.”


“I was at Leblon just after a parade. We were amazed by the amount of cans of beer all around. Really! I never saw so many beer cans in my life. There were tons of them. But there were also people who were willing to talk, including a couple of guys who were born of Jewish mothers and Catholic fathers. Their thinking was fuzzy from alcohol, but they were interested in knowing more about Jesus. Please pray for them and others who gave us their contact information.

“It’s just amazing how things work. Sometimes we think we are late, or something is wasting our time, but God is always in control. Because the closest subway stop to our office was closed for the holiday, we had a longer walk to get more tracts for one of our sorties. Since there were people on our way, we were able to broadside while walking. I gave a broadside to a lady at the door of a restaurant, and at her side was an older Jewish woman. As we talked I found out that her first name is the same as my grandmother, and her mother came from the same city in Turkey as my grandparents. We also have some common Jewish friends. This woman, Eugenia, was surprised and excited to know about us. She gave me her contact information. Had we taken the usual subway exit, which was closed, we would have passed this restaurant by one block, and possibly never have met Eugenia. Please pray for her salvation.”

Wonderful Winter Weekends

Last month, we held our Camp Gilgal WWWs (Wonderful Winter Weekends) for Jewish children and youth ages 8-18. This helps us have ongoing ministry to our summer campers and give potential new campers the opportunity to “test drive” Camp Gilgal. As with our entire children and youth ministry, the purpose of Camp Gilgal is to raise up new generations of Jewish believers in Messiah.

The Bible lessons for this year’s WWWs were based on Psalm 1. We talked a lot about the ways of the righteous and the wicked, about the roots that support our spiritual lives and their resulting fruit, and how to deepen our roots spiritually. We also had times of worship, as well as zany activities. The campers came away closer to the Lord and to each other.

WWW East was held on a snowy mountain in New Jersey. We had 39 campers attend, including Angela, a 13-year-old cousin of one of our camp staff in the Midwest who was coming for the first time. She had never heard the gospel before, and during the weekend, she surrendered her heart to her Messiah!

Meanwhile, our WWW in Southern California was held in the San Bernardino Mountains. Thirty-six campers came. Blue Mosaic, Jews for Jesus’ mobile evangelistic team, was in the area and was able to come and lead our Shabbat service. It was encouraging to see how they ministered to the campers. This year, both our junior and teen Bible classes were led by those who have grown up in Camp Gilgal themselves. We were excited to see how they wanted to come back and help a new group of campers.

The second weekend in February, 26 campers made their way to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, for our Midwest WWW. We had a good time in the snow, tubing, sledding, and building snowmen, with hot chocolate afterward. During the weekend we had some great discussions about how to live a life pleasing to the Lord. Three campers recommitted their lives to the Lord! It was encouraging for the staff to see the campers growing stronger in their faith.

We had 39 campers attend our last WWW, held the third weekend of February in the Sierra foothills of Northern California. We were surprised to wake up Saturday morning to a world covered by fresh snow! During an evening cabin devotion, a group of teenage boys agreed that one weekend was not enough and decided to set up a Facebook group to encourage each other. Erik was part of this group, and committed his life to Jesus the same weekend. The last night of camp was a special time of worship, and many campers stayed behind to pray with the staff.

Please pray for God to work in the hearts of all those who attended our Camp Gilgal Wonderful Winter Weekends. Please pray that their roots will grow deep and be well watered, especially for those who made commitments to Him.


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