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Sergio Danon (our Rio branch leader) reports on our 2008 outreach at Carnival Sunday February 3 to Tuesday February 5:

The Jews for Jesus outreach team for Carnival 2008
This is where Sergio was standing just moments before meeting Jose. And this is the coconut that thankfully, hit the ground, and not his head!

Our days of evangelism began around 3 p.m. and lasted until around 3 a.m. Five of us would go first to a sortie (tract-passing expedition) at a “Carnival block” from the afternoon until evening. Then we’d have a snack and another volunteer would join us for a double sortie on the Sambadrome.

“On the very first sortie, I had the chance to pray with Jose Carlos Cidade to receive Jesus. He was so broken and so ready to receive God’s salvation. There was loud music all around us, with crowds of people singing, dancing and drinking—but Jose just wanted to hear about the Lord. Amazingly, just before I prayed with Jose, a coconut fell from a tree just three feet away from me! I felt the ‘thud’ when it hit the ground, and was glad it was not my head, or Jose’s that was hit! That was God’s deliverance! You can see the picture of the coconut on the right.

In three days, we handed out 30,000 gospel broadsides and received names and addresses of eight Jewish people and 15 Gentiles who want to hear more about Jesus. The weather conditions during our outreach were truly remarkable. It had rained a lot during January, and continued to rain during Carnival—but though it was raining throughout the city, somehow, wherever we went, it was not raining. With only one exception, the rain would stop just as we arrived at our sorties.

Christ in the Passover Presentations and Banquets

Currently, most of our missionaries are out on tours to present Christ in the Passover. Please pray for their safety (especially those who are driving in snow and ice) and health; but also please pray for fruitful ministry to unbelievers, as well as opportunities to grow friendships with believers who will want to support Jews for Jesus prayerfully and financially.

It’s not too late to attend one of our Christ in the Passover presentations or banquets! For more information, click here.

The Liberated Wailing Wall

The next Liberated Wailing Wall (our mobile, evangelistic music and drama team) begins training this September and will be “on the road” through February 2010.

We’re now accepting applications from musical Jewish believers in Jesus (who can sing and preferably play an instrument) between the ages of 18-39 to be part of this exciting team. We’re especially looking for a skilled pianist!

If you or someone you know is qualified for this team, please contact: Jeff Millenson, Director of Music, at [email protected] or 415-864-2600, ext. 151. In any case, please pray for God to gather just the right group of people to serve Him in this unique way.

Ministering to Ethiopian Jews

Tracy Rapp, of our Phoenix outreach, will be leaving for Ethiopia on March 23 for two and a half weeks. This is not a Jews for Jesus missions trip, but Tracy’s Jews for Jesus training along with her optometry skills uniquely qualify her for this mission. She will be ministering to Ethiopian Jews who are neglected and in need of all manner of assistance. Last year she was part of a group that helped provide for the optical needs of over 1200 Ethiopians, over 500 of whom, we are told, prayed for salvation in Yeshua. Please pray for this year’s trip.


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