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Last month we asked you to pray for MOISHE ROSEN as he’d had a CAT scan and the results, while not conclusive, indicated a probability of cancer. Additional tests have confirmed this, though the good news” is that it is prostate cancer, which is highly treatable even when it has, as in this case, metastasized. Moishe had his first treatment on March 5. He and his family are grateful for your prayers. Once again, they respectfully request that friends not send books or cards, as these would be difficult for him to read or acknowledge at this time. Continued prayers for him and his family to be a story of faith and a reflection of God’s grace, are, most appreciated. Please also pray for continued pain management, for a good and lengthy remission and for Moishe to find continued joy in knowing and serving God.

A couple of months ago we told you about a mini phone calling campaign conducted by our ISRAEL staff and volunteers and asked you to pray for the follow-up. One of our missionaries, Ze’ev, has reported fruitful visits with several people as a result and has prayed with one woman, Rachel, to receive the Lord. Please continue praying.

We asked you to pray that Jewish seekers would attend the PURIM celebrations that many of our branches were hosting during the first week of March.

Both TORONTO and MONTREAL were thankful for our Children’s and Youth Worker, AMY ETINGER, who made the Purim celebration lots of fun for children who attended our Toronto event and then hopped a train for Montreal right after to do the same there. Regarding the latter, Karl DeSouza reports,

“More than 35 people came to our home for food, fellowship, singing and lots of kid’s activities — including a dramatic rendition of the Purim story, orchestrated by Amy, who played the horse that Mordecai rode on as the King sought to honor him. People stayed for quite a while after the program ended. Two Jewish seekers attended, including one with whom I meet regularly, and they enjoyed the celebration.”

Then from MOSCOW, Mira Gracheva reports, “God blessed our Purim celebration in amazing ways.

“First I found a wonderful hall for the holiday service, which was centrally located and particularly convenient for aged people. The amazing thing was, we did not have to pay for the hall!

“Second, a team of six people phoned to invite people to the holiday service. Many people said they would come but then later called to say they were ill. I was getting discouraged, when suddenly I received a phone call from Galina, who asked if she could bring along two or three Jewish friends. Galina didn’t come, but sent five Jewish unbelievers from the opposite end of Moscow. They spent more than two hours to get there, but it was their day of salvation! Please pray for Maya, Vladimir, Inna, Igor and Yelena to grow in grace and faith.

“Altogether 39 people gathered at the small hall. Eleven were Jewish seekers and of those, eight had never come to any of our meetings before. Ten of the Jewish believers who came had received the Lord in 2005-2006. Our guests left looking younger and brighter-eyed as they thanked and praised the Lord. Please pray for them.”

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Our Toronto branch asked prayer that many would catch a vision for our mission at the MISSIONFEST MISSIONS conference in on March 1-3. Andrew (pictured on the right with our booth) reports that 57 people gave their contact information to learn more about Jews for Jesus. That’s the most contacts we’ve had so far at one of these conferences. Andrew also conducted a Jewish Evangelism Seminar and the room was completely packed.

We asked you to pray for the JEWS FOR JESUS COUNCIL MEETING at our San Francisco headquarters the second week in March. Here are photos of some of the folks who attended the meeting from around the world. Please continue praying for those we have welcomed as new trainees:

Verreyne family

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Jason Verreyne, from South Africa, will be training as an outreach worker. He is not Jewish but his wife Carmit is Israeli. Also Jason is fluent in Hebrew, having lived for five years in Israel. Pictured on the left is the Verreyne family.

Joe Franco, who is currently leading the Liberated Wailing Wall has been accepted as a children’s and youth worker. Again, he is not Jewish but his wife Michelle is. In the photo below, Michelle is the woman on the left and Joe is the bearded man on the right.

Joe Franco and Michelle

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The Verreynes and Francos will be training together in New York City.

In addition to reviewing applications and interviewing potential staff, we had a great deal of discussion on upcoming goals for outreach, including writing an evangelistic ad to put in the secular media this December. Please pray for creativity as we continue thinking this through. Please also continue pray for our leadership to be able to move ahead with wisdom and humility.

We told you last month that it wasn’t too early to think about signing up for one of our Passover banquets. So this month we’ll tell you that IT’S NOT TOO LATE FOR YOU TO JOIN US FOR PASSOVER. If you live near one of the Jews for Jesus branches and would like to celebrate Passover with us this April, click here.

All our branches would appreciate your prayers for the Passover banquets, including the following, which you will not find on the link above:

Essen and Berlin, Germany: We have evangelistic Passover banquets planned in Essen on April 2 (for our German constituency) and on April 7 (for our Russian-speaking constituency). We also have a Passover banquet planned in Berlin on April 4 (in German). Please pray that God will bless the preparations and the banquets themselves.

Montreal, Canada: Saturday April 7, Jews for Jesus will be having our second annual Montreal Passover Banquet. Please pray it will be a great time of ministry and that many believers will bring their unbelieving friends and family (particularly Jewish people) to come and hear about Yeshua.

Josh Brodt

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We’ve also been telling you about positions available for the LIBERATED WAILING WALL and are happy to announce that those positions have been filled! We have a “first” on the team and that is a member, Josh Brodt, whose parents served on the team back in the ’80s. Josh is pictured on the left, witnessing in New York City’s Bryant Park.


Jeff Millenson, our music director (and former member of the Liberated Wailing Wall back in the ’80s) would appreciate prayer as his mother, Marlene Millenson Rocchi, passed into glory on March 8, 2007, of complications related to MSA (multiple systems atrophy), a neurological disease from which she’d suffered for over ten years.

Jeff’s mother, who is Jewish, became a believer in Jesus in April of 1973, shortly after Jeff and his sister had come to faith. Please pray for her mother Hannah (still alive at 101!) and her siblings Leonard and Shirley, that they would come to faith in Yeshua, and for Jeff and his wife, Amy, to be a story to faith (both theirs and Marlene’s) at the memorial service on March 24 in Las Vegas.

Stan Meyer and his family will be moving from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles where Stan will be the new branch leader. Rob Wertheim and his family will be moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco where he will be the new branch leader. Both families need prayer for the transition, which includes the sale of their homes.


Many, in fact most, of our missionaries are out on tour as mentioned. We still have a couple of requests:


April 5, 6 and 7 we will have an outreach at Boombamela, one of the New Age festivals in Israel. Our own Peter and Yarden Nassar are leading this outreach for us with a group of 20 to 30 volunteers. Our slogan for the campaign is “Yeshua Hetzil Oti,” which means “Jesus saved me” (in Hebrew the word “saved” used this way means rescued from drowning which works well since Boombamela is on the sea-shore).

Click here to see our slogan logo. We will use the slogan on our T-shirts, booth signage, stickers and tract. We are also going to have an air glider who will have this slogan on his parachute. To see the kind of glider and parachute we mean, click here (these photos don’t have our logo on them).

Please pray for Peter and Yarden, for wisdom and strength as they lead this outreach. Also pray that Yeshua will indeed be an unavoidable issue, and that many Israelis will come to faith in Him during this outreach.

We hope to show you some pictures of the outreach next month.


During the last week of March, our outpost will be moving offices. Please pray for smooth move.


March 16 is our monthly “Havurah” meeting, a time of fellowship for Jewish seekers, Jewish believers and for Christians who bring their Jewish friends. Usually 15-20 attend for an evening of music, a Bible-based talk, and then schmoozing over food. Please pray for relationships to continue and grow in this group, and for the unbelievers who attend to be open to further ministry.

Los Angeles

A blocked sewer line destroyed the carpet in our office and we’d appreciate prayer regarding the needed repairs, which are an unexpected expense.

The Liberated Wailing Wall

The team’s new recording, “Never Forget” is now in progress. We’ve recorded rhythm tracks and the team is currently rehearsing vocals to be recorded during the last ten days of the month. Please pray for this project to bring glory to God.


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