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Campaign leader Rob reports: A team of six went on a sortie at Arizona State University. We were each approached by members of the Jewish organization, Hillel. They had noticed us for a few days and finally decided to mobilize against us. They were handing out ‘Jews for Jesus?’ tracts (imitations of our broadside tracts along with a sheet from Jews for Judaism with seven points to counter Jewish belief in Jesus). I mentioned to them that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

“Each of us was surrounded as we continued to distribute tracts. Michael Ledner, a former staff member of Jews for Jesus joined us. He’s a pastor in Scottsdale and has been assisting with some of our chapels. He, too, was surrounded and it brought back memories of the Liberated Wailing Wall world tour in the early 1980s, with David Brickner leading the team. Despite the opposition, a Jewish seeker gave Michael Ledner his contact information!

“As a result of handing out literature on the campus the first week of the campaign, we received a response from a professor who teaches on Jewish Movements of the 21st Century. He mentioned that some of his students had seen us on campus and had been mentioning us in class. Amazingly, in his syllabus he had planned to speak about us the following Tuesday! He asked if I would be available to come and represent Jews for Jesus. What a great opportunity.

“I arrived and there were about 24 students in the class, three-quarters of whom were probably Jewish. The professor explained that six months ago he had planned to have a class on Jews for Jesus and it ‘just so happened’ that we were in town. I said I thought that maybe Somebody Else had plans.

“I spoke to the class for about an hour and forty minutes. About three-quarters of the class took the literature I offered as they left. The professor told me he was sorry he was going to be teaching the following night as he would like to have seen our showing of Survivor Stories. I offered to send him a copy of the DVD and he gave me his card to receive it.

“What was really cool was that the next night one of the students, a Christian, came to the showing of the film. She told me that after I left, the professor showed the class the video of the Larry King Live program from a few years back, in which David Brickner, our executive director, was part of a panel that included a rabbi. I was impressed that the professor showed the entire segment, because David was able to make some very clear gospel statements. Please pray for the seeds that were sown!”


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