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Christy McNunn reports, “While passing out broadsides at the Coconut Grove Art Festival, I saw a Jewish woman walk by, talking on her cell phone. As she approached she exclaimed loudly, ‘…and there’s another one of those Jews for Jesus! They’re everywhere.’ She didn’t take a broadside, but she was made aware that Jews can and do believe in Jesus, as was her friend on the phone!”

Suzy Schmidt reports, “At the Coconut Grove Art Festival, a Jewish woman refused one of my broadsides, but she sat on a nearby curb to watch us in action. She saw people hurl accusations and swear words at us, but we ignored them and kept on handing out our broadsides. That must have registered with her because she eventually approached me and asked for a broadside.”

Margarita reports, “I was doing a sortie at Florida International University and met the Campus Crusade representative who graciously offered us his table at the student union. After lunch, Carolyne, another campaigner, and I sat there and chatted with students who came to us. A young man approached me and said, ‘I decided to get something to eat and saw your table. I got a tract of yours the other day and looked you up on the website. I want to know more about God.’ I explained the gospel to him and he ended up praying to receive the Lord. We were able to plug him right in with the Campus Crusade rep. Please pray for Oscar that he would grow strong in his faith.”

Carolyne Rohrig adds, “As we were leaving Florida International University campus, I approached a young woman on a bench who was studying. I handed her a tract and asked if she had given any thought to who Jesus was. She answered that she had been raised by a Jewish father and a Catholic mother and that she was rather confused about the whole thing. I suggested she discover the truth for herself. I gave her a copy of the gospel of John and a homework assignment—to read a chapter a night. And if she had questions I asked that she email me, and I gave her my card. She thanked me and said, ‘I like the way you talked about these things with me.’ Please pray for her as she reads the Scriptures.”

Also from Carolyne: “I was at the University of Miami talking to students about Jesus. I took a break and went into the campus bookstore. The woman behind the customer service counter saw my T-shirt and asked, ‘Are you Messianic?’ It turned out she is Jewish and her sister and brother-in-law are believers. I asked, ‘And what about you?’ She looked at me intently and said, ‘I could lie and tell you I believe, but I know this is about faith, and I don’t have it yet.’ I was awestruck at her answer. I thanked her for her honesty and suggested that she read the Scriptures for herself. She agreed to receive some of our materials, gave me her contact information, and seemed very happy with the encounter. Please pray for Ellen. I returned to the book table and prayed with Rosemarie, a Lebanese woman to receive the Lord. Please pray for to grow in her faith.”

Penny and Allen Abrahamson report, “We were broadsiding at Miami Dade College. Allen was speaking with several Jewish people in a patio area. One stated that her mother was Jewish, but in answer to who Jesus is, she considered Him to be the Son of God. Allen showed her John 5:24 and she prayed to receive Jesus as her Messiah. She is about 35 years old and a very intelligent woman in the public school administration program.”

Karen Myers reports from her Courthouse sortie (tract-passing expedition): “When we were leaving the courthouse, we met a lady in the crosswalk who exclaimed, ‘Jews For Jesus! You do exist!’ She was very excited and explained (with a foreign accent) that she was a believer and while she thought that Jews could believe in Jesus, others strongly objected to her assertion. It turned out that she was a Romanian believer and her husband was Jewish and not a believer. Their keys were locked in their car at the time and we helped them out by calling AAA. They both were very grateful. We will be sending them our literature and hope you will pray for them.”


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