RealTime March 2006

Jokes, Jerry Falwell and The Jerusalem Post
March 1, 2006

It almost seemed like Purim had come early this year when I read an article on the front page of the “Jerusalem Post” entitled, “Falwell: Jews can get to heaven: Evangelical leader persuaded that conversion not prerequisite.” More information at You see,...

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This Month’s Behold Your God campaigns

Thank you for praying for our campaigns in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona! In Miami, the team handed out 94,495 broadsides, as well as receiving contact information from 109 Jewish seekers and 123 Gentile seekers. Eleven Jews and 34 Gentiles...

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Christ in the Passover Presentations and Banquets

Meet a Jews for Jesus Missionary! Our missionaries are touring all over the United States presenting Christ in the Passover. We would love the opportunity to meet you, and this would also be a good opportunity for you to bring a friend, Jewish or Gentile, who needs to...

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Pray For Zola Levitt

Many of you know Zola Levitt and his excellent ministry. He is one of the “giants” among Jewish believers in Jesus and a very dear friend of Jews for Jesus, and particularly of our founder, Moishe Rosen. Zola has been diagnosed with stage four lung cancer, which has...

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Staff News

Jews for Jesus Founder Moishe Rosen is having knee replacement surgery Thursday, March 16. While the operation is relatively routine, Moishe’s various health concerns make it not quite routine. Please pray for a successful surgery with no ill effects, and a great...

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Sneak Peek At Next Month’s Newsletter
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In April our regular (snail mail) Newsletter will feature: Lead article by David Brickner titled, “Jewish Roots, Jewish Savior” prayer prompters Back to Berlin: reflections from Behold Your God by Efraim Goldstein Meet our New Missionary Trainees! Missionary Seasons...

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Miami and Fort Lauderdale Behold Your God!

Christy McNunn reports, “While passing out broadsides at the Coconut Grove Art Festival, I saw a Jewish woman walk by, talking on her cell phone. As she approached she exclaimed loudly, ‘…and there’s another one of those Jews for Jesus! They’re...

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Phoenix Behold Your God

Campaign leader Rob reports: A team of six went on a sortie at Arizona State University. We were each approached by members of the Jewish organization, Hillel. They had noticed us for a few days and finally decided to mobilize against us. They were handing out...

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