This year, Purim–the holiday commemorating events recorded in the Book of Esther–falls on March 25. Beginning March 18, Jews for Jesus will have a special Purim section online here:

Included in the “goodies” there you will find a lovely four-color illustration of Queen Esther you can send as an e-card to a friend for Purim.

Jewish people observe the Purim holiday differently according to the customs of their particular countries. For a sampling of Purim customs from Germany, France, Tunisia and even Afghanistan, see here:

This is just one part of the Purim site at the Department for Jewish Zionist Education. For much more on this holiday, go here

At the Jewish National and University Library in Israel, you can download mp3s of Purim songs and hear part of the Megillah–the book of Esther–chanted in Hebrew. One of the downloads allows you to hear a congregation using their groggers (noisemakers) every time the villain Haman’s name is mentioned. Go here

The Jewish Exchange also has a well-done site here

Among the more intriguing pages is one on “special Purims,” commemorated at various times in history when Jewish people in a locality, or even in one family, were delivered from their enemies. Here you’ll find out about the “Purim of Bandits” and many other special Purims:

PLEASE NOTE: we do not necessarily endorse all the content you will see on all of these or previous sites we mention, but if you read them judiciously, we hope you will find them both interesting and helpful for learning.