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In Melbourne, campaigners handed out 124,300 gospel broadsides (tracts) and have names and contact information for 94 Jewish seekers and 105 Gentile seekers willing to hear more about Jesus. Four Jews and 102 Gentiles have prayed to receive Jesus.

Field Reports

Steve Kaplan reports, Una Williams and I were walking along a street in a Jewish area and were having many opportunities to talk to several Jews. Just then Una recognized two Israelis she had witnessed to with Miriam Abramov (one of our Israel staff) the week before. The previous week these two young men, Nadav and Jonathan, were reluctant to give their follow-up details because of a third man with them who insisted they not listen to us. Miriam and Una began praying for the two men, who definitely seemed interested in Jesus. A week later God answered their prayers as Una and I “happened” to encounter the same men and were able to share the entire gospel without interruption. This time, Nadav and Jonathan gave their follow-up information! Please pray for the salvation of these two Israelis”

Rahel Landrum (one of our Australia staff) reports, “Tamar F* and I had similar experiences with people who decided to give their follow-up info, but not on first meeting. This encourages us that every time we go to the streets, hearts are moved for the Lord. We may not see it come together the first time, maybe not even the second, but definitely the Holy Spirit is moving.” (*Tamar, who flew in from the United States, had jet lag when she arrived, yet was not too tired to share Messiah’s love with a Gentile woman who prayed with her to receive the Lord.)

Rahel also reports, “Pricilla Bourne and Steve Cryderman were sortying (handing out tracts) when a Muslim man in a wheelchair came to take a tract. He began to tell them that he believes in Jesus because He has been revealing Himself in dreams on a regular basis! The man said that he has begun to share about Jesus with all his Muslim friends. You guessed it; they don’t like to hear it at all. Let’s rejoice that God is revealing Himself in wondrous ways to people that otherwise would never hear of Him. That is our heart in Jews for Jesus, that many Muslims will also know Jesus and His peace.

“Julie Cryderman, a gifted volunteer from Oregon, has joined the campaign in Melbourne. We had her doing “Psalm reading.” Many people come to the table (which is complete with a lit candle and a Bible, which is open to the book of Psalms). Some come with their palms spread out as they sit down. So Julie took the palms of 12 passersby one night and looking straight into their eyes said “I see death—the wages of sin is death. But I also see life, for Jesus has come to forgive and bring life.” Julie led eight people to receive Messiah in their hearts in one evening!

“A young Israeli named Elroi asked where he could get a T-shirt like mine that spells Jews for Jesus. I told him if he knew Messiah we could perhaps get him one. He wanted to give his contact information and hear more about the hope and love in Jesus, the Jewish Savior. Pray for Elroi to receive salvation!

“I was handing out ‘Nudnick’ broadsides on a cold Saturday morning. Two women came towards me and I gave a tract to each. But then I was prompted to turn around and ask: ‘Do you know what a ‘nudnick is?’ To my surprise one of them said she knew (a boring or bothersome pest). So we started talking. Both Gabriella and Emmanuella are Italian tourists. Gabriella is Jewish. This was the first time she’d heard about Jews who believe in Jesus. She listened intently to the gospel and recognized that our meeting was no coincidence. After about an hour we met again in another location. Please pray that God will continue the work He has begun in Gabriella.”

Miriam Abramov reports, “It was the first day of the campaign and the sortie (tract-passing expedition) seemed slow, but suddenly we heard Hebrew everywhere. I found myself sharing Jesus with many Israelis, including Ben, who agreed to receive a book about Messiah in Hebrew. Please pray that God touches his heart and that Ben prays to receive Jesus in his heart (there is a sinner’s prayer at the end of the book I am sending him.)

“Alex, a Russian Jew, was quick to tell my partner Priscilla and me how Jesus could not be the Messiah. I was able to challenge him with Scripture, and in the end Alex gave his follow up contact information. The next day who comes by and takes a tract from Priscilla? You guessed it, Alex. He took it without saying a word. We can only speculate what God is doing in his heart. Please pray Alex would be thirsty for God and that he will accept Messiah Y’shua as his Savior when we meet with him soon.”

Daniel Goldstein (who is also from Israel) reports, “I had a good conversation with Shneur, a guy who was born in Israel but now lives in Melbourne. He said he’d be glad to meet with me, but warned me I’d probably not be able to “persuade” him. Please pray for him. God brought many more Israelis across my path and I had the opportunity to witness to a good number about Jesus the Messiah. I am very encouraged by how open they are. They just can’t believe I am here all the way from Israel to tell them about Messiah. Please pray God waters the seed that was sown.”

Shlomy Abramov (you guessed it, also from Israel) reports, “I was almost was ready to change our sortie location because it was so quiet. Just then my partner Craig and I noticed a woman coming toward us. Soon were sharing the gospel with her. It turns out she is Jewish, from Israel and now lives in Australia. Her husband had recently died and she was very lonely. We shared with her the hope of Messiah and she was overjoyed to hear the gospel. After she understood all about sin, salvation and Jesus the Jewish Messiah, she asked if we could pray with her that she would know Him. We then quietly prayed together that she would receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life as promised to her by the Scriptures through Christ. Her name is Maria. My wife Miriam set up a time for all of us to meet together. Sadly, Maria did not show up for the meeting. When Miriam called, Maria seemed to have been talking to someone who told her to stay away from us. She actually said she was afraid, and that she did not want to ‘change her religion’ or meet with us. Please pray for God to continue drawing Maria to Himself.”

Also from Shlomy, “As I was handing out broadsides a man came by and said ‘You have invaded Melbourne.’ I said to myself, ‘We have only been here three days and they say that? What will they think when we stay for three weeks?’ Meanwhile, on the other side of town a woman told another campaigner that she had seen him five times already that day! He said ‘Lady I have never seen you in my life.’ She had seen us so much all over town that she just thought we were going after her personally! Maybe God is trying to get her attention. It seems that everyone is talking about us all over town. One man asked, ‘Is this Jews for Jesus day?'”

Prayer requests

  • Pray for those who have professed faith in Jesus, both Jews and Gentiles, to grow in grace and faith.
  • Pray that the seekers will continue seeking.
  • Pray as we follow up with the Jewish people and local churches follow up with the Gentiles, new believers and seekers alike. Pray that genuine connections will be formed and real ministry will take place.
  • Tamar’s purse with money and cards was stolen. Please pray for comfort and a miracle for her things to be returned somehow.
  • A billboard was vandalized; pray that the media will pick this up and that more people will hear about the gospel than would have from the billboard had it not been defaced.
  • Pray in general that our opposition will end up amplifying our message.
  • Pray for the police in Sydney to deal with those who have vandalized our office there, as well as the Mendelsohns’ personal vehicle. They have also made threatening phone calls to the Mendelsohn home, so please pray accordingly for the family. (Bob Mendelsohn is our Sydney branch leader.)
  • Pray for continued response to our “Survivor Stories” ad, which appeared in “The Age,” a major Melbournian paper.


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