RealTime March 2005

Updating the War on Jewish Evangelism
March 1, 2005

People’s response to that letter exceeded my expectations. So many recognized the importance of this issue and wrote to express their strong support for the proclamation of the gospel to the Jewish people. Others misunderstood the letter, seeing it as an attack...

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Behold Your God Update

In Melbourne, campaigners handed out 124,300 gospel broadsides (tracts) and have names and contact information for 94 Jewish seekers and 105 Gentile seekers willing to hear more about Jesus. Four Jews and 102 Gentiles have prayed to receive Jesus. Field Reports Steve...

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Topics: LCJE

The 22nd annual meeting of the Lausanne Consultation for Jewish Evangelism (LCJE) took place in San Francisco from Monday, March 7 through Wednesday, March 9. The LCJE is a networking organization comprised of individuals representing various ministries who want to...

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Celebrate Passover with Jews for Jesus!

Many of our missionaries are out and about across the country, presenting Christ in the Passover.” This is a great opportunity to meet one of our missionaries, and an even greater opportunity to bring an unsaved friend (Jewish or otherwise) to experience the...

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Hadassah medical organization nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Our friend Jim Adler has sent us the following news from the Kansas City Star” (it had been picked up by the Associated Press). Though we have no official word about accuracy of the report, it would be a wonderful turn of events if the Hadassah medical...

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