RealTime March 2004

Next Year in Jerusalem
March 1, 2004

I look forward to celebrating Passover in the next few weeks. The story of God’s redemption of my Jewish people from bondage in Egypt thousands of years ago is wonderful in itself and it takes on even greater meaning through our Messiah’s passion. As...

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Passion Update
Author: Susan Perlman

We’ve had so many opportunities to talk to Jewish people about Jesus as a result of Mel Gibson’s controversial film. A few of us got to see the pre-screening of The Passion” at the National Religious Broadcasters convention. Among those in the...

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Facts of Jewish Life
Author: Rich Robinson

There are two, or some would even say three, groupings of Jewish people in the world: Ashkenazic Jews, who come from Eastern Europe; Sephardic Jews, who come from the lands around the Mediterranean and the Middle East; and some would say Mizrachi Jews, who come from...

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Check for Christ in the Passover Near You

Remember that this month and part of next many of our missionaries are on on the road” presenting “Christ in the Passover.” Please take a look at our events’ schedule to see if Jews for Jesus is coming to a town near you. Using the pull-down...

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