The Great Artist Draws Israeli Couple to Himself

We are currently showcasing our Multitudes art show throughout Israel (Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem), with our most recent showing at a loca

l congregation in the city of Netanya. We were concerned that fewer visitors than expected had come to see the paintings inspired by the Gospel of Matthew, but were reminded that God shows up for small groups as well as for “multitudes.”

As an older couple entered the gallery, our staff quickly realized they were members of Netanya’s large Russian-speaking community. Valeriy Bolotov (pictured above) stepped forward and introduced himself. He showed the couple around the gallery, explaining the paintings and telling them the story of Jesus. They showed interest throughout the viewing, and as Valeriy concluded the “tour” of the exhibit he asked them to sign the visitors’ book. Then he asked if they would like to know Jesus personally. The husband said “yes” and prayed to repent and receive the Lord right then and there. His wife seemed touched, but too shy to pray publicly.


Yoel Ben David, who is in charge of training at our Israel branch (and has been deeply involved in the Multitudes project) says, “Thank God for His love and willingness to use our labor. Please pray for the wife come to faith, too, and that Valeriy and Tatyana (Valeriy’s wife) will have a fruitful follow-up ministry with this couple.”

Be sure to read about the launch of this art show in Israel if you haven’t already!


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