Co-Laborer (volunteer) Ron Neumann McDevitt has a praise report from Florida: “God gave us another great outreach at the Melbourne Flea Market. Our booth was under a metal roof in the blazing sun, but despite the intense heat, the Lord drew a Jewish woman to us. ‘How do I contact you?’ Rochelle asked. We exchanged information but she was glad to see she didn’t have to wait to connect with us—we had a great conversation on the spot.

“Rochelle grew up Jewish in Newark, New Jersey. Her ex-husband was Catholic, but she had never heard the gospel in her life. She was very open to hearing about Jesus and God’s plan of salvation. In fact, she was eager to pray with us to start her new life in Jesus!

“Immediately after we prayed, two Jewish believers who came to faith at our booth a few years introduced themselves to Rochelle. They quickly discovered they were from the same New Jersey neighborhood! ‘I’ve been looking for family and now I’ve found it,’ she said. She is eager to join our Shabbat services and weekly Bible study. Praise God!

“Please pray for Rochelle’s faith to grow strong, and that God will continue to bless our outreach here in Melbourne.”