Saved in Samaria

Dinah reports: “One of our teams had great conversations surveying college students. My team was at the mall surveying passersby on their faith in hopes of striking up a gospel-centered conversation. After being rejected by numerous shoppers, I stepped into an empty store to talk with the Jewish shopkeeper. I told Najib* that I wasn’t interested in buying anything, but in asking if he’d ever heard of the New Testament or Yeshua. He had had only heard the name ‘Yeshu’ [a corruption of His name that occurred centuries ago, now commonly misunderstood to be His actual name.] I explained that Jesus’ real name in Hebrew is Yeshua, which means ‘salvation.’ He asked if, ‘God would save even the most evil of persons?’ I answered, ‘Yes, even the most evil. We all deserve death and separation from God, but God showed His great love for us by sending a Messiah who died for us and our sin; promising eternal life to all who believe.’

Deb asks students survey questions

“Najib asked how one could receive this salvation. Then he prayed with me to receive the Lord. He was really happy about it and looking forward to receiving a New Testament on CD. Please pray for this new young brother (20-something) in Yeshua.”

In eleven days, 43 Jewish people prayed to receive Yeshua (Jesus)! Another 334 gave their contact information to hear more about Him. 24 non-Jews, mostly Arab, also gave us their contact information for further ministry. Our staff visited with 199 seekers during the campaign and follow-up continues! Campaigners handed out 28,300 gospel broadsides and hundreds of balloons with our “Are you brave enough” logo and phone number, as well as hundreds of business cards. We distributed many New Testaments and other books about Yeshua as well. Teams connected with 3,636 people by phone and another 724 people door-to-door. They even placed stickers and magnets in strategic locations to bring attention to the gospel. The Are You Brave Enough Video was viewed by more than 30,000 people and brought more than 6,000 to our website.

Thanks to all who prayed! Please continue to pray for the new believers and the seekers alike, that God would use our team to help draw them closer to Him.


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