Pray for St. Petersburg


Six days into our St. Petersburg outreach we have seen 5 Jews and 13 Gentiles pray to receive the Lord! Here are a couple of their stories:

Igor Barbanel, director of our work in the CIS says, “I was standing with a volunteer, Larissa, near the Chernyshevskaya metro station. I invited a man I thought might be Jewish to talk with me about Jesus. Yes, Peter* was Jewish—and he already understood the problem of sin, and that Jesus died for us. All that remained was for him to understand how to personally repent and receive Jesus. I explained to him the sinner’s prayer, and he prayed with me and gave his contact information for follow-up. During that same sortie (tract-passing expedition) ten Jewish people who don’t yet know Jesus gave me their contact info so they can hear more about Jesus.”

Alexey Petrov (volunteer) says: “A young man approached and smiled when he saw that I am a Jew for Jesus. Sergey* is 21 years old and Jewish. I shared the gospel with him using our proposal statement. He received Yeshua (Jesus) as his Lord and Savior! I gave him the Gospel of John and invited him to our concert.”

We’re encouraged! The team already surpassed their goal of handing out 100,000 gospel broadsides. In addition to handing out tracts, they are going door-to-door, phoning people… they even rode bicycles through the city so more people can see that there are Jews who believe in Jesus. 309 Jewish people who don’t know Jesus have given our campaigners their contact information to hear more, as well as 167 Gentiles. We hope you enjoy the photos below and stay tuned: next week we will be able to give you a final report on the campaign.

*Not his real name


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