We’ve got 49 new brothers and sisters in Christ in St. Petersburg, Russia! 10 Jews and 39 Gentiles came to faith in Jesus during the campaign. 705 Jewish people and 404 Gentiles were willing to hear more about Jesus—pray for the follow up packets we’ve mailed them to be well received. These are people who received our gospel broadsides (the team handed out  186,550) or were willing to talk to campaigners who phoned them (we connected with 651 people on the phone.)

It was a joy to see more than 700 people attend the concert that we’d been praying about and inviting people to throughout the campaign. We estimate that a third of the attendees were Jewish. At the event, 470 people filled out contact cards, including 127 Jewish people. At the end, we had an altar call, and more than 20 people responded to receive the Lord. 18 of these new believers gave us their contact info for further ministry: 3 Jewish and 15 Gentile believers—praise God!

In the photos you can see people interacting on the streets, making phone calls and sending out follow up packets. We’ve already had 71 visits with Jewish seekers.

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