God is always amazing, but He really took us by surprise on Monday. Get ready to rejoice!

In the past, our Russian-speaking team has been invited by another Christian ministry to help with their one-day Bible tours, since their staff does not include Russian speakers. After developing relationships with many participants from these tours, we decided to arrange a tour of our own, subsidizing the cost to help make it affordable. Forty-six Russian speaking Israelis participated, including 17 who had previously given us their contact information. The tour ended with lunch back at our campaign “home base.” Afterwards, Valery Bolotov announced that he was going to be speaking about his faith and anyone who would like to stay was welcome.

Forty people remained to hear Valery’s story—and when he was done, 35 prayed to receive the Lord! And all but six of the 35 have given us their contact information, saying they would welcome further contact! Praise the Lord! Pray that God will nurture those six people as well as the 29 that we will be able to follow up with.

We are now in the home stretch of this Behold Your God campaign. The next report will give you a summary wrap-up as well as some salvation stories. Stay tuned!

Please pray for:

  • faith to take a firm hold in the hearts of all those who have prayed to receive Yeshua during this campaign
  • fruitful follow-up with those who don’t yet believe but are willing to hear more

Thank you for all your prayers so far! The Lord is blessing us with bountiful answers!