Salvation in Paris!

Within the first four days of the Paris campaign, a twenty-something Jewish woman prayed to receive Yeshua (Jesus)! Now, with just a few days remaining before the end of the campaign, 35 Jews and 106 Gentiles who don’t know Jesus are willing to hear more about Him! We also have a new Gentile brother in Christ, who prayed with one of our campaigners to receive the Lord. The team has handed out more than 52,000 gospel broadsides (tracts).

Midway through campaign we relocated to a hosting church in the heart of a Jewish community. The church has allowed us to use their window display, which we have been changing daily.  The signs in the photo pictured above say, “God loves the Jews and so do we,” “The Savior of the World is Jewish (Jesus)” and “Jesus ate kosher.”

The window serves as an invitation to interact with the good news that Jesus is the Messiah. For example, campaigner Margot reports,

“Coming back from an early morning sortie (tract-passing expedition), I approached two Jewish men who were looking at the window and discussing the signs. They took the tract I offered and then I asked if they have read the Torah. ‘Oui, oui.’ I went to Deuteronomy 18:18, and the one man knew this was a passage predicting the promised Messiah. I asked if he’d read Isaiah 53. Yes he had read it, and we discussed it until he had to go.” These are just the kinds of interactions we hoped to have in the very Jewish suburb in which the second half of campaign is based.

Paris branch leader Joshua Turnil sharing the gospel with a Muslim woman

On the streets of Paris, we expected some abuse from Muslim extremists who have threatened both Christians and Jews, but instead it’s come mostly from anti-Semitic Europeans. This has been sadly discouraging, but the team presses on.

Despite opposition, team leader Chantale says, “God is with us for sure, and even the weather has been favorable.” In fact, it hasn’t rained at all since the campaign began, which is very unusual for Paris!

The campaign will end with the Festival of Music on June 21. Please pray for the final details to come together for our participation at this event.

Please pray for:

  • God’s continued protection and encouragement
  • divine appointments as we moved our home base for the second half of our campaign to a church in the center of a very Jewish community
  • everything to come together for our final outreach at the Festival of Music

We will post a final wrap-up with stories and photographs once the campaign is over!


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