Gospel Outreach in Zurich!

Stephen Pacht (who leads our work in Switzerland) and Aaron Lewin (from our Essen, Germany team) recently co-led a four-day outreach on the streets of Zurich. Campaigners received contact information from ten Jewish seekers and thirteen Gentile seekers who want to know more about Jesus, as well as 21 Christians who would like to know more about our ministry.

Stephen says, “The team’s unity and enthusiasm were evident throughout the campaign, as was the strong support of the two churches who hosted us.  Our “home base” was a church in Zurich-Wiedikon, the main Orthodox Jewish area. The pastor, Steffen Denker and his wife, Heidrun, were very involved in the outreach. Heidrun provided most of our meals during the day. Steffen and his associate, David Bagdasarianz, took part in much of the outreach. Our accommodations and evening meals were provided at a modest rate by the Midnight Call, a church and ministry in the suburbs. 

“David B. is following up a very open college-age Jewish seeker who lives in Zurich. I received contact info from an Israeli Hebrew teacher who lives in Zurich with his Swiss Jewish wife. Aaron connected with an Israeli whom you can read about below.”  

Aaron reports: “As I was checking up on my team members, I found two of them talking to a young man. As I approached, I found out that he was Israeli, like me. We started talking and got on really well. He was struggling to understand why there is so much anti-Semitism in the world, and I explained that we won’t understand until we look at the spiritual level. I was then able to share the gospel with him. He was very open, gave me his contact details and told me to visit him in Tel Aviv when I next go!” 

The brothers and sisters who hosted us are eager for us to return to Zurich for another outreach.  Stephen and Aaron are thinking about possible dates to return next spring. Please pray for fruitful follow-up with the seekers we met in Zurich, and for God’s leading as we consider our next outreach there.


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