A Miraculous Salvation

We asked an Iraqi Jewish believer in Jesus how he came to faith and were astonished by his reply!

London branch leader Julia Pascoe reports, “Our monthly Havurah meeting is a comfortable place for Jewish people to explore Yeshua.  Believers and seekers attend and enjoy a time of food, schmoozing (chatting) and Bible teaching.  Recently Shlomo*, an Iraqi Jewish believer in Jesus, brought along his Israeli Jewish friend, David*.  The two had attended our Havurah meetings a few times before, and both remarked how much they enjoyed it. 

“When I asked Shlomo how he came to believe in Jesus, to my astonishment he told me that during Saddam Hussein’s reign, most of his family members were murdered.  He himself was tortured in the most unimaginable way. He cried out to God for help and, amazingly, Jesus appeared to him, put His hand on his shoulder and said ‘Shlomo, if you read my book, repent and follow me, I’ll give you the words to say in court and I will save you.’

“Somehow Shlomo obtained a Bible and read it avidly. Soon after he appeared in court and was released from jail.  He, his parents and one sister survived and reached England.  Shlomo has been living in Jewish north London for fifteen years and openly tells how Jesus saved him both physically and eternally.  He still has lots of questions and hungers to know more of the Lord.  One of our missionaries, Ziggy, is meeting with Shlomo to help and support him on his journey with Jesus.  Please pray God continues to heal Shlomo from the atrocities he and his family suffered.  Please also pray that his friend, David, will come to know Messiah as Saviour and Lord.

Photo credit: Patrick Donnelly | Used with permission

*Not their real names

*Note: The Hebrew word Havurah is sometimes used to refer to a regular, usually informal, gathering of Jewish people to enjoy friendship, discussion and prayer.


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