The “wall of thanks”

Our Massah team took to the streets of Tel Aviv with the “wall of thanks,” because inviting people to express their thanks creatively is a great way to have conversations about the creator. Team leader Eli reported, “For our team’s ‘trial run’ we set up our thank you wall and handed invitations to an upcoming event, as well as cards that have brief gospel statements that we are Jews who have found the Messiah Yeshua. Many on the team were nervous but we got to talk to 49 people in less than an hour! Most of the team got to share the gospel with at least one person.

“The next night we stayed in and watched the opening game of the World Cup. It was a carnival of a game! Ten Jewish people who don’t yet believe in Jesus joined us and each one got to talk to someone on the team.

“On Friday night we went back out to the street, with art, a thank you wall, literature, and lots of enthusiasm.  It was great to see all the people engaging with our team, drawing with chalk on the ground, writing thanks on the wall, taking our literature, and connecting.

“In total we spoke with 97 people about Jesus, and got into deeper conversations with 37 people and four people gave contact information to hear more.”

Here’s what a couple of team members said:

Naomi: “I expected to be met with hostility in street evangelism, but to my surprise, people in Israel are very respectful upon being approached and  Eli confirmed that they are largely more open to hearing about the gospel than outside of the country. I had a lot of interactions and conversations, and met two people in the street who were especially seeking. Our classes have provided me with a new approach, confidence, and freshness in the gospel. It’s important to remember that there is no way to convince someone that Jesus is the Messiah and we must be ‘witnesses, not prosecutors’. The Holy Spirit is our advocate and truly sustains, loves and empowers us. I’m expectant for this to be a very stretching and fruitful time.”

Ilana: “Wow! I can’t believe the Massah team has been together for just over a week! So much has happened and it feels like we have been together for a lot longer…in the best way possible! We all can see how God is moving so clearly just in this first week, from dynamics as a team, to opportunities to share the gospel, and even unexpected situations we have found ourselves in. God is so good and has not wasted any time to remind me how much he cares for me, and also to push me beyond my comfort zone!

“During our first night of evangelism. I invited a woman named Anna* to write something on our thanks board and I got into a conversation with her about Yeshua. She said that she prayed sometimes and believes in God but didn’t really know why it mattered. She didn’t really know anything about Jesus and had never heard the gospel, and I had the opportunity to tell her! I don’t know where her heart is, but I gave her a flier for an upcoming event we are having. I hope to see her again. Please pray for Anna and the seed that was planted!

*Not her real name

Creative outreach in Tel Aviv


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