Moscow team blessed despite challenges

The Moscow team was excited to hold another musical outreach event as the authorities had permitted them to do before. Unfortunately, this time they were given permission only to speak—no music—in Gorky Park. This was a disappointment but nevertheless they went out and shared testimonies, preached the word, and read from Scripture. Though it wasn’t quite as they had planned, many people were interested, and took pictures and video.

Another challenge during the second week of campaign was that the catering company the team was using for meals unexpectedly closed down. This left the leadership team scrambling to find a place to feed the campaigners.

Yet God was working mightily. For example:

  • Mikhail Bratslavskiy was handing out broadsides in a subway station when a local vendor complained to him that his presence interfered with her business. But when she said she had a headache, Mikail offered to pray for her. A couple of minutes after the prayer, she said, "It’s a miracle, my head is not aching!" and she gave Mikhail her contact information.
  • Larissa Savelieva was in the subway, feeling tired and frustrated when a man named Dima sat next to her. They started talking, and Larissa asked if he knew Christ. He said his mother told him, "Something momentous must happen in your life that would make you believe." Larissa asked him if any such thing has happened in his life. He pondered and said  “A couple of days ago, I was about to commit a suicide by jumping from a window.” Larissa spoke to him about Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life and Dima said he really needed those words of encouragement. He gratefully gave her his contact info.
May I get your name and contact information please?


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