Moscow Campaign

Praise God! First day of our Moscow campaign 16,915 people received gospel broadsides. Thirty-five people gave us their contact information to hear more about Jesus, 16 of whom are Jewish. Here are a couple of cool things that happened the first day:

Missionary Valera Bolotov reports, “As I was training volunteers for phone call evangelism, we immediately spoke to two Jewish people who were open to hear more. They gave their contact info and we have already had evangelistic visits with them by phone.

Bob Mendelsohn, our campaign chaplain/photographer/missionary says, “This morning, my translator Leya and I went to three sites to hand out broadsides, see some sights and take photographs of campaigners on sorties. On the second site, we got lost—but there was a reason for that. As a 25-year-old man passed by I asked him, ‘Who do you think Jesus is?’ It turned out that he had a Bible with him, and he is grappling with some deep problems. He gave me his contact information and wanted to meet with someone from Jews for Jesus. His name is Roma and his father was Jewish.

Also, Kostya Akman, one of our volunteers from Odessa, was on a sortie at a subway station when one of the workers falsely accused him of verbally and physically assaulting a passer-by. He was detained by the police for two hours, and was told to submit a written description of what he was doing at the station. This gave him an opportunity to share the gospel, after which he was released and went back to handing out broadsides.  Pray for Kostya and the other campaigners to continue to have the joy of the Lord in the face of opposition.

Note: a broadside is a Jews for Jesus-style tract and a sortie is a tract passing expedition. Our Moscow campaigners are going on four two-hour sorties a day


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