Moscow Campaign wrap-up


Gennady receiving contact information from a Jewish seeker

Thanks to all who were praying for our Moscow Campaign! The 11-day outreach ended with 40 new believers in Jesus and 787 as yet unbelieving seekers willing to hear more. 19 of the new believers and 451 of the seekers are Jewish!

We were pretty excited about this story of one new believer. Paula Perry reported: “An 18-year-old Muslim accepted a copy of the New Testament, as well a brochure with Scripture verses in Arabic. The wall fell down when he saw these things in his own language and I shared the gospel with him. He told me that he’d had a near death experience and didn’t know why he was still alive. I said, ‘I know! Because you don’t know Jesus yet!’ Vasily’s eyes lit up. He asked if he could pray with me to receive salvation.”

Kostya Akman added, “The next day, Vasily (from Paula’s story) came up to me and said he’d already talked to one of our people. His questions indicated that his experience the previous day was real, and he was thinking through how to live as a Christian.”

Campaign leader Ilya Khaimovich reported, “Toward the end of the campaign, the whole team went to the Kremlin Armory for some rest and recreation; however, everyone still wore Jews for Jesus T-shirts. Numerous visitors to the Kremlin were surprised by the sight. After visiting the museum, we took a tour of the Moscow center, so that the 28 of us could show our T-shirts in the most crowded places. As we took a group photo against the background of the Bolshoi Theater, passersby also took photos of us. Many had questions and we received a dozen seeker contacts, half of them from Jewish people.”

By the end of the campaign the team handed out 222,034 broadsides (gospel pamphlets), just short of their goal (250,000). On the other hand, they exceeded their goal for the number of contacts by 174 people. Besides the seeker contacts mentioned, 137 Christians also wanted to learn more about our ministry, which we hope might help build our prayer and support base.

The team finished strong on the last day, breaking their own record for the most gospel literature handed out in one day. Team leader Ilya says, “I’m grateful for your prayers. All the campaigners and I consider the campaign to be very blessed. Praise the Lord!”

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