Praise God! Here are some reports from the team:

Campaign leader Ilya reports, “We held an outdoor musical outreach with the city authorities’ approval. We had a dancing group, and held up banners. We were encouraged that many passersby stopped to take pictures and five Jewish seekers gave their contact info.”

“While on a sortie (tract-passing expedition), a believer stopped to talk to one of our campaigners, (Mikhail) who encouraged him to share his faith openly. The next day, the man returned and joined their sortie, saying he was inspired to go out and preach!

“Later, a man approached Mikhail and announced, ‘My grandfather murdered Jewish people.’ Mikhail explained the gospel to him with compassion and said, ‘Jesus can break the chains of your past (anti-Semitism).’ The man repented and received Jesus.”

Scheffee Taylor (volunteer from Southern California) reports, “I met a Nigerian man who said he was confused because one of his parents was a Muslim and the other was a Christian. He believed Jesus was a prophet. ‘Can a prophet lie?’ I asked. I told him that Jesus Christ was the only way to God. We talked about repentance and I asked if he’d like to receive Jesus Christ. He said ‘yes’ and he prayed the sinner’s prayer.”

Thank you for praying and please continue!