More World Cup Outreach!

As we continue connecting with Israelis in Rio during the World Cup, we wanted to tell you about some of the people we’re meeting and how you can pray for them. 

Sergio reports, “I noticed a couple, probably in their mid-twenties, as they were pointing and looking at our shirts. I began a conversation with them and discovered they are from Tel Aviv. They had been in Rio for two weeks, getting to know the city, since they will be leading a tour group from Israel. They seemed very open-minded yet confused, saying that ‘anyone can be the Messiah.’ It reminded me of the hippie generation and the young people Jews for Jesus began reaching out to more than 40 years ago. This couple gave me their contact information and even showed me the area where their group will be staying. In return, I told them to email me if they have any questions about Jesus, but also if they need to know something about Rio. They were very pleased. I hope we can connect further with them, and perhaps their group, while they are here. Please also pray that they meet up with our Israel team when they return to Tel Aviv.

“In Copacabana I spoke to a guy called Gastón, an Argentinian Jew who lives in Milan and speaks perfect Portuguese (he lived in São Paulo for a few years). He asked me how is it possible for a Jew to believe in Jesus and still consider himself Jewish. I presented the gospel, and asked him if there is anything more Jewish than believing in the Jewish Messiah. ‘That really makes sense,’ he said, and though he did not want to give his contact information, he said he would email us after checking out our website. Please pray that he really will follow up.

“And please pray for God to bless our team with physical and spiritual strength, and that He will lead us to those He wants us to speak to and bless our interactions so that many will be drawn to Yeshua.”




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