Gay Pride Parade Outreach

Thanks for praying for our outreach at Tel Aviv’s Gay Pride Parade. Our team was there to declare that we are not ashamed of the gospel in a direct and loving way. Outreach leader Vlad Mitnitsky says, “The Lord answered your prayers and ours so that there was no physical interference as we handed out our gospel literature. But we had strong spiritual opposition as we tried to engage multitudes of agnostics and atheists in gospel conversations. Thanks to your prayers we handed out our postcards to 4,600 Israelis within three hours. Three Jewish people gave us their contact info to hear more about why we believe in Yeshua.”

Sarah Danor (pictured above) said, “The music in the park was blaring under the rainbow-hued arch of balloons floating overhead where I stood greeting the crowds of people streaming in and out with our gospel postcards. In contrast to the many flamboyantly attired people, a conservatively dressed young man with a cap wheeled up to me on a bicycle and accepted one of our cards. After I shared the gospel with him he gestured toward the boisterous party rollicking in the park and asked what I thought, communicating with his tone and body language his thoughts. I told him that I saw them as people that God loves who are living broken lives. He wasn’t so sure, but at least he heard the gospel, and perhaps will consider that whatever our individual sin may be, we’re all separated from God and in need of salvation.”

Alex Bearshtein said, “I had to prepare spiritually for this outreach because I really did not want to go. My first reaction was shock because of some of the things I saw, but as I prayed, God gave me a strong desire to talk to as many people as I could about the Lord. I had one especially good conversation with a young man where the noise of the event turned out to be a blessing. He was asking interesting questions, but since it was so hard to hear one another we agreed that I would send him the New Testament and we would meet another day to continue to talk about it.”

Please pray that God would bless the gospel seed that was sown at this event and that contact with those who gave us their information will be fruitful.

Peter Nasser having a gospel conversation just outside the park where the event was held


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