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Please be praying for our Summer Witnessing Campaign in New York City, June 30-July 27. Click here to see cool new evangelistic postcards the team will be passing out. Click here if you did not receive the weekly prayer calendar that was included with this month’s print newsletter. Your prayers will make a difference!

Independence Day

A number of our U.S. branches will be having special outreaches to the 4th of July crowds. Larry Dubin of our Washington D.C. branch has asked you to pray for their week-long outreach, June 30-July 6.


Please remember to pray for Ziggy Rogoff who will be leading a team of volunteers for our ‘Week On Wimbledon’ outreach at the end of this month.


Please pray for final preparations for our Berlin campaign. Training will begin July 25, and the actual outreach starts on July 29 and runs through August 10. An estimated 45,000 Jewish people reside in this city, and about a third of them are Israelis. In fact, believe it or not, in 2012, 100,000 Israelis applied for German citizenship. Our Berlin campaign is one in a series of outreaches that our European director, Avi Snyder, has named “Life from the Dead.”


This is the next phase of the “Life from the Dead” campaigns, as Budapest was also a place of persecution and death for Jewish people. Yet Budapest is home to some 80,000 Jewish people, more than any other city in Eastern or Central Europe. In addition, thousands of Jewish tourists flock to this city from all over the world. As with Berlin, anti-Semitism is still a reality in this city. May God’s love be apparent to Jews and Gentiles as we give story to the forgiveness and grace found in Jesus, the Jewish Messiah. Training is August 14-17 and the campaign runs through August 30.

Next month we’ll tell you about upcoming campaigns in Moscow and Montreal. Stay tuned!


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