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12 cool new gospel postcards

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pdf Take the Jews for
Jesus Challenge
pdf Some people say there
is no God!
pdf Tolerate This
pdf The Next Best Thing pdf The Next Best Thing
(Light Bulb)
pdf I QR NY
pdf Who’s Your Hero  pdf Are you connected? pdf Number 1 Jewish
Best Seller
pdf A Cut Above pdf The Small Bang pdf Celebrate the 4th

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Prayer calendar for NYC Summer Witnessing Campaign


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Reflections on the new Superman movie

Man of Steel: Jesus vs Superman

We never get tired of Superman, the man of steel, who saves humanity time and time again. The story is classic, predictable, and we love it! Why is that? Because we know that our hero will always win. We know that good will triumph over evil. We know that Superman will always save the day.

This content was adapted from an earlier Jews for Jesus article.


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