Warsaw Campaign Summer 2012

Warsaw, Poland

Barry reports:

"I met Adam, a Catholic man who is dating a Jewish girl. I asked if he would like to meet up with us and bring his girlfriend, but she was out of town. He gave us his phone number and wanted to arrange a time to meet.

"Anna, a Polish Jewish lady asked me what I was doing. She only spoke Polish, so I called my friend Derek, one of our Polish volunteers to talk with her, he told her about Jesus, and she gave her contact info."


Paula writes:

"During our lunchtime sortie I met Mikel, a young man from Ghana who works in Norway. I went through the proposal statement with him; he said he believed Jesus is God but that he didn't know where he would go when he dies. I shared the gospel, he understood his need for his sin to be forgiven, and he prayed to receive the Lord!

"I met a girl who is studying Judaism as she is dating an Israeli. I shared the gospel with her and she took a Hebrew Scripture booklet to give to her boyfriend.

"I also witnessed to two Muslim men; we went through the complete proposal statement. They gave me their contact info, and I was able to give them free literature in Arabic."


Steve reports:

"I witnessed to an Egyptian Muslim and his American friend, who is from a small town in North Carolina. I told them I knew the town and have visited the only synagogue there. The American told me his church is next to the synagogue and that he knows several Jewish people, so they took a picture of my Jews for Jesus shirt to show his friends. As we were leaving the busiest site in Warsaw, the Fan Zone for the Euro cup football, I noticed a young woman wearing a Star of David, so I gave her a tract. She's a Polish Jew from Warsaw; her name is Kaya. She gave me her contact info.

"In Old Town, I gave tracts to six guys who were walking together. Two of them identified themselves as Jewish, one Israeli and the other Polish. They were running late for an appointment, but stopped long enough to give me their contact details to know more about Jesus.

"While I shared with a Polish man, an Austrian Jewish man and his friend stopped to take a tract. I witnessed to them and saw the Jewish man read the entire tract. He wouldn't give his contact info but took some free literature. A little later, I met a woman from London. When I asked her about Jesus, she wasn't sure if she had a personal relationship with God. I went through the proposal statement and she prayed to receive the Lord!"


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