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Be on the alert for a separate email from us on a key exchange between David Brickner and John Piper about Israel, plus see the wrap up reports from our Behold Your God Israel and Frankfurt campaigns, pray for the campaigns that are going on right now, take note of upcoming summer ministry events…

Do Jews Have a Divine Right to Israel’s Land? John Piper and David Brickner debate

We are excited to give you a heads up that Christianity Today‘s online magazine is planning to carry a very key exchange between David Brickner and John Piper. The two men masterfully unpack the often volatile subject of Israel and the Land and provide a real basis for understanding why the topic can be so divisive and how we can move forward. They don’t agree on everything, but respond with grace and even good humor to one another’s positions.

We think you will be fascinated to read this four-installment exchange. Part one is due to be posted any day. Please be checking for it over the next several days at this link. We hope that readers like you will stimulate further conversation by adding your comments to the article.

Christianity Today hopes to put a compilation of the four letters into print form at a later date, but meanwhile, please be checking for the online version.

Thank You for Praying for our recent campaigns in Israel’s Lower Galilee and in Frankfurt, Germany

Here is the wrap up for the Israel campaign:

Dan Sered reports:

“By God’s grace we have completed the seventh BYG Israel campaign and have five to go to reach our goal.

“During the month-long campaign we had hundreds of calls coming into our office. Most of these were as a result of our banners. We handed out 66,305 gospel tracts, attempted 18,192 phone calls and connected with 7,202 of the people we called. We got the contact information of 1,072 Jewish Israelis who told us they wanted to know more about Yeshua. We also got the contact information of 200 unsaved Gentiles who showed interest in Jesus. Most of these were Arabs. Praise the Lord for the five Jewish people who professed faith in Jesus for the first time!

“The beach is a magnet for people on Saturdays, so the last Saturday of the campaign we decided to send a music team there to share with seekers and to gather a crowd. In four hours, the campaigners on the beach received contact information from 43 Israeli Jews who said that they wanted to know more about Messiah Yeshua.”

Click here for photos and campaign highlights from the Lower Galilee


From May 14-26, six Jews for Jesus campaigners reached out to people on the streets of Frankfurt with the gospel. The team handed out 60,910 broadside tracts and received names and contact info from 18 Jewish seekers and 76 Gentile seekers to hear more about Jesus. Click here for photos and campaign highlights.

Going on Now…

Warsaw, Poland

We have a Warsaw witnessing campaign led by Julia Pascoe from June 6th-16th and a Kiev campaign led by Dmitry A. June 10th-17th. Click here for highlights.

Kiev, Ukraine

The first day of the Kiev campaign ended with six Jewish people praying to receive Jesus! At the same time, Dmitry, our campaign leader, learned that his father (in Moscow) had a stroke. Please pray for God to show mercy on Dmitry’s father and turn his heart to faith in Messiah (of whom he’s already heard much). Please pray for Dmitry, and for the rest of the campaign to continue to glorify God.


This year’s crew of Jewish believers in Jesus is now in Israel, preparing for a summer of adventure as they share their faith with Israeli backpackers. More to come…

Coming Up:

Our Summer Witnessing Campaign in NYC

The two week training for first time campaigners has just begun (Friday, June 15) at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. The actual campaign, led by Sarah Ascher, begins June 30 and runs through July 28.

Our Berlin Witnessing Campaign

Led by Leonid Dolganovsky and Irina Volodarska, begins July 12th and runs through July 28th.

Our London Olympic Campaign

Led by Alison Barnett, begins July 22nd and runs through August 13th.

Camp Gilgal (

Jews for Jesus’ camp ministry is an important part of our investment in the future of Jewish believers in Jesus. Many of our younger leaders have come up through our Camp Gilgal program. Please keep this important ministry in prayer. The camps will be running during the following dates:


Junior: ages 8-12, June 24-July 7 in Tuolumne, CA
Teen: ages 13-15, July 15-21 in Oakhurst, CA
Adventure: ages 16-18, August 5-11, Southern California coastal adventure


Junior: ages 8-12, July 1-14, in Voorheesville, NY
Adventure: ages 15-17, August 5-11, rock climbing in Upstate New York


Junior: ages 8-12, August 5-11

Halutzim (

Teen missions trip to New York City: ages 16-18, July 16-29

Camp Gilgal Prayer requests:

  • Pray for the final planning and logistics for our summer programs: Camp Gilgal (West, East and Germany) and Halutzim.
  • Please pray for God’s grace, mercy, and protection for our campers and staff during this season, and that He’ll touch the lives of the young people participating in our ministry programs this summer.
  • Pray that what we do this summer will be done for His honor and glory, and for strength, energy, joy and wisdom as we serve Him daily.


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