Frankfurt 2012 Summer Campagin

Leonid reports,

“My partner Mark and I were in Ofenbach. There were very few people on the streets. Ofenbach is mostly Muslim these days; still, Mark suggested we pray for Jewish contacts. Soon after, we met two elderly women. We asked who they thought Jesus was, and it turned out that both women were Jewish. One was angry and began to argue, but Mark was more than ready to talk to her, so I had plenty of opportunity to talk to the other woman, who had emigrated to Germany at the age of 75. She firmly believes in God and gave me her contact information.

“95-year-old Isaac informed me that it was too late for him to change his religion. I explained that it was not about changing religion, but about meeting the God of our fathers and the Messiah He’d sent. Isaac rolled up his sleeve and showed me the tattooed number from the Nazi camp. ‘God was with us there,’ Isaac said. ‘He never left us.’ Please pray for Isaac, that his trust in God would lead him to Jesus.

“Vladimir is from Ukraine. He spent thirteen years in Israel before moving to Germany. When I asked who he thought Jesus was, he replied that he (Vladimir) was heading straight to ‘the pot,’ (meaning hell). I said it might be too hot in the ‘pot’ plus the company there will not be too good. He thought for a moment then asked what it was that I wanted to offer him. I said I was offering him salvation from the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua and forgiveness of sins. To my surprise, Vladimir said he’d think about it and gave me his email address. Please pray for his salvation.

“Please also pray for Yevgeny and Beata, a young couple from the former Soviet Union that approached me, asking what ‘Jews for Jesus’ means. They also gave me their contact information.”

Igor reports,

“Frankfurt is the financial capital of Europe, but apart from the glamorous cars and business suits, there are people who remain unnoticed. One such soul came crying to me as I was broadsiding [handing out broadside tracts.] Her name is Tanja, she is German, about 35 years old. She said she was very glad that our team had a message of salvation to offer her. We invited Tanja to ask God for His forgiveness through Jesus. We also referred her to a Christian rehabilitation center for drug addicts, to which Tanja gladly agreed. At the end of our conversation she had tears in her eyes and asked to stay in touch. Please pray for her.”


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