BYG Israel Lower Galilee Campaign Highlights

Praise Reports:


"We were eating lunch and I noticed the girl behind the counter had a tattoo on her arm that said, 'I want to live forever.' That gave me a good opening. I told her I also want to live forever and I know I will; she wanted to know how I could be so sure. We got her contact info, and I hope she will accept Messiah so she really will live forever. After I finished talking with her another man in the shop also gave me his contact."


"I was in the music team at the beach and many people stopped to listen. Three Russian men asked about the music and why we were doing this. When one of the men gave me his information to receive the book we offered, the other two said they wanted it, too!"


"I was at the Technion Technical College when a religious lady complained about me to a police officer. He asked me to move 30 meters up the road but his partner took one of my tracts to read. Meanwhile, my team leader got a phone call from our office. The message was, 'Be encouraged! Someone just called from the Technion and ordered a book!' Moments later, the police officer's partner strolled back to me and said, 'I just called and ordered the book!' Who knows if this would have happened had the lady not complained about us to the police!"


"I was speaking to a gentleman who was not too open. Meanwhile another man stood nearby, quietly waiting. When I finished talking to the first man, the second man told me he had cousins who believe in Y'shua. He said, 'I think Y'shua might be the Messiah.' I challenged him not to stop there, but to pursue the truth. He later returned to say that what I was doing was 'very good.'

"I talked to two 18-year-old religious Jewish girls, one of whom began to look very interested and said she would read the prophecies I shared with her in the Hebrew Scriptures. She said, 'Do you know that you are inspiring me?' They told me they were at a religious school and could not receive a book about Y'shua there. I told them to contact me when they would be at an address where they could receive the book."


"I also spoke to a religious woman, telling her that Y'shua fulfilled the prophecies about the Messiah. She replied, 'Do you know what will happen to me if I believe this?' I replied, 'You need to read the Bible for yourself and choose. You can follow what people say and follow religion or you can read the Bible and follow God.' She said, 'Okay, okay, send me the book!' Please pray for her."


"I approached a woman in the city center and asked her about Y'shua. She said yes absolutely, she was open to reading something. I was surprised at how open she was. Then she explained herself. She said her father was an Orthodox rabbi who was sick on his deathbed. She went to ask the Chief Rabbi if he could lay tefillin since her father was sick in bed. The rabbi agreed to do so, but when the woman told her father the news, he said there was no need. He told her that he had a dream of Jesus – in fact, he told her he had seen the Messiah in a vision!"


"It was great to see how God used our Korean brothers and sisters on the street with us. People couldn't believe how they spoke Hebrew! I used that to tell people that they are Christians who love Israel and the Jewish people. That opened the door to the gospel. I was able to get one woman's contact info, and four of her friends said they would read the book, too.

"One of the prophesy books we sent during the campaign was returned, so I called the number and asked for the man to whom we'd addressed the book. The woman who answered explained that she was his wife, and that he passed away a week ago. I told her who I was and why I was calling. She sounded extremely open and told me to send the book again, only this time, addressed to her. I wrote her a note with the book, telling her that we were praying for her."


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