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See our updates concerning Moishe Rosen, the about-to-be-completed Behold Your God Israel Campaign, and Massah.

Moishe Rosen Update

Last month we told you there would not be another update until Moishe’s Homegoing. Little did we know that event would take place just a few days later, on May 19, which was Shavuot.  Loren Jacobs, long time friend and former Jews for Jesus staff, officiated at the funeral, a small, private event for the family. David Brickner officiated at the memorial service.  Both services focused on the gospel and the underlying purpose of Moishe’s life to bring that hope to others.

We miss Moishe so very much but are glad that now he is rejoicing forevermore, beyond suffering and death. The Jews for Jesus website is featuring a video photo montage as well as a tribute page for Moishe through the end of June.  You can also read his farewell letter on the website.

Behold Your God Israel

We are just getting ready to conclude our most recent BYG campaign. Next month we’ll be able to tell you more-including where the campaign was and how many seekers have asked for more information. Many of the seekers are people who call after seeing our banners.  One campaigner said, “When the teams are bannering, phone calls come in to the follow-up team nonstop.  Each person in the follow-up team finds that an average of five of those callers per hour give their contact information to hear more.”

Click here to read campaign stories.


We’ve got one report from the Israeli team that has been on “the journey” for a few months, and another from the U.S. team that is newly arrived in Israel.  Remember, Massah (Hebrew for the journey) is an outreach to Israeli backpackers, most of whom are looking to clear their heads and figure out what life holds for them now that they have finished their service in the army.

From the small Israeli team that has been traveling for a few months, Josh reports,

“Well, praise God for His grace. We had a great time in Daramkot, which is a little village outside of Daramsalla. It was full of Israelis and we had great talks together. We spent a week there, talking to people and getting to know them. For example, Tal, who’s about 21 years old, was amazed at the idea that you could be Jewish and believe in Jesus. She asked many questions, and I told her of Jesus’ teaching on love. She was overwhelmed and asked if she could have a New Testament. I was more than happy to give her one, and we exchanged e-mails so she could write me on any questions she had about the Lord. Praise God!”

And from the team newly arrived in Israel from the U.S., Abbie reports, “The team has arrived! The twelve “Massah-ers” of 2010, Melissa, and I landed on Shabbat after two long plane flights. We were a bit exhausted, a tad jet lagged, and VERY excited. We have only been here a short while, but even so have been very productive! The first day or so was devoted to tricking our bodies into believing that day was night and night was day. The team adjusted fairly quickly and we were able to have a service together on the second day to “consecrate” our time together and focus our minds on the work ahead this summer. It was a sweet time of worship, reflection, and prayer together as a team.

“This first week has been devoted to training and prep for our time on the streets talking to Israelis. Jhan has been great about focusing the team and giving them a mini training of what goes on in NY over the summer on Jews for Jesus’ annual summer campaigns. We went out for the first time today to talk to the Israelis and to have a ‘learning’ day for the team. It was a really good way to start the evangelism of the trip and to get accustomed to what we will be doing a lot of this summer.”



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