RealTime June 2009

Jewish Facts of Life
June 1, 2009

On June 20, 1942*, the Nazis began to murder masses of Jewish people at Auschwitz. On June 22, The Jewish Brigade was formed to help fight the Nazis.

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Jews for Jesus News

Paris: Pray for our witnessing campaign going on right now! Chicago: Campaign training has begun at Moody Bible Institute as first time campaigners prepare for the month ahead in New York City. Please pray for quick minds, ready hearts and physical stamina. Frankfurt: Later this month our Essen Germany branch will be conducting a one-week…

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Thank You For Praying

Behold Your God Israel Wrap Up We completed our most recent Behold Your God Israel campaign last month, reaching the area of Shfela (pronounced Shfay-la) which is south of Tel-Aviv. Campaigners were housed some twenty minutes away from the place where David slew Goliath. The cities in the area are filled with people who have…

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Real Deals

June Volk presents a warm and candid account of how God often reveals Himself in our everyday routines and circumstances. Raised in New York City, living in affluent Connecticut, she and her family are suddenly uprooted and moved to rural northern Minnesota, where Volk learns about the refining fire. Her story is simple, funny, profound…

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Sneak Peek
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Next month’s print newsletter will feature an article by David Brickner titled, The Ministry of Reconciliation”; a three page feature so that you can get to know the people working behind the scenes of our New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign; Moishe’s Musings on Nuclear Christianity; Bits from the branches in Toronto, Israel and Johannesburg.”

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Yediot Achronot Article

A reporter from Yediot Achronot,” the largest Hebrew daily newspaper in Israel, had interviewed Dan for an article.  Dan had called to tell me that the reporter not only failed to report what he said accurately, but the article and the sidebars published with it were full of distortions and outright lies, deliberately presenting a…

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The phone rang. It was Dan Sered calling from Israel, and he sounded very discouraged. Dan leads our Jews for Jesus branch in Tel Aviv. We were in the midst of our third Behold Your God Israel campaign and the opposition was heated.  But that wasn’t why Dan was discouraged. A reporter from “Yediot Achronot,”…

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