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Summer is a stepped-up time for all sorts of Jews for Jesus activities.
We have numerous staff and volunteers traveling from Russia, Ukraine and Israel to serve on various outreaches. A number of Visas have been denied, so we need your prayers that God will intervene, and enable those who are eager to take part in various outreaches to overcome the bureaucratic hurdles.

Please pray for our London witnessing outreach going on right now! Pray for divine appointments with unbelievers, enthusiasm and unity for the team, and physical and spiritual endurance for all those involved.

The two-week training for this year’s New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign is about to start. Pray for those who are campaigning for the first time to have a fruitful time of learning and bonding with one another.

And of course we need your prayers for the month-long New York City Witnessing Campaign that will follow the training. Please pray strength, endurance, wisdom and creativity for our staff and volunteers, as well as hearts that will be ready to receive the Good News.

Also, we have a special group of campaigners, a Tiger Team” who campaigned last month in Israel, are currently campaigning in London, and at the conclusion of that outreach, will be campaigning with us in New York City. Please pray especially for these folks, that God will renew them and that His joy will be their strength as they go from one all out effort to the next.

Massah is a different kind of Jews for Jesus outreach that also has begun this month. For the second year, we have brought a group of enthusiastic college-aged Jewish believers to Israel for a time of intense evangelism as well as studies related to Israel and to personal discipleship. After several weeks in Israel, the team will head out to a more remote area of another country where Israeli backpackers are known to travel. Please pray for God’s blessing on the team, and that they will have fruitful encounters–both in the more structured street and beach evangelism in Israel, as well as the more spontaneous situations they will encounter abroad.

Fourth of July celebrations always draw crowds, and we will be meeting those crowds with gospel broadsides in the U.S. cities where we have branches and outposts. Click here to see or even download these broadsides for your own use.

Summer Camps are a time of spiritual discovery and commitment for many young people. Jews for Jesus operates our own Camp Gilgal throughout the East, West and Midwest United States, as well as in Germany. Please pray that God will supply the rest of the personnel we need as camp is just around the corner! And pray that He will use these camps to draw many people closer to Himself.


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