RealTime June 2008

A note from David Brickner: attempts to squelch the gospel in Israel have opposite effect
June 1, 2008

The Rest of the Story

Have you ever heard radio commentator Paul Harvey’s engaging teaser, The rest of the story”? The first part of Harvey’s story always provides a bit of mystery, always leaves us hanging until he tells, “the rest of the story.” Life is often like that. We hear something. We wonder what it means or how it all will work out, but we are often left hanging. Much of the Christian life is lived in that “in between” zone. The first part of the story does not always appear hopeful or encouraging. That is why we need to live by faith and not by sight; faith gives us confidence to trust God for the rest of the story. Faith assures us that He knows what is best, that He wants what is best and that He will do what is best. Eventually, in His time, we will understand the rest of the story.

“The rest of the story” is sometimes surprising, but it always demonstrates that God is in control, that He is writing the stories of life to bring honor and glory to Himself. I have watched this happen several times in the last few months as news stories have hit the press regarding Israel, Jews and Jesus. I wanted to report to you on “the rest of these stories.”

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Jewish Facts of Life

With the Fourth of July coming around again, check out these articles about the role of Jews in the founding of the United States of America: “Jews and the Founding of America” Then there was Haym Salomon, a Polish-born Jewish immigrant to America, who played an important role in the Revolution. And in case you…

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Jews for Jesus News

Summer is a stepped-up time for all sorts of Jews for Jesus activities. Click here to find out where we’re at and how to pray, and also to download free broadside tracts for the Fourth of July.

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In Other News

Find out what the General Conference of United Methodists said regarding a. Israel and b. evangelizing Jews; if you are interested in a Master of Arts Specializing in Jewish Ministry we know of a terrific opportunity . . . What’s the story with the General Conference of United Methodists concerning Israel and evangelizing Jews? Not…

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Thank You For Praying

Your prayers mean so much to us, and especially to all those involved in our Behold Your God Israel campaign last month. Twenty-two campaigners handed out 131,725 broadsides, and received contact information for 2,250 Israelis willing to hear more about Jesus. They also attempted to call 37,699 Israelis from the phone book, completed 13,285 calls and received contact information for 956 more people willing to receive further information about Jesus. Thirty people prayed to receive Jesus so far (that includes the campaign itself, as well as people we’ve been following up since the campaign). Also as a result of our campaign, Dan Sered, leader of our Israel work, who headed the Behold Your God campaign received a major media opportunity on a well-known Israeli morning news show.

David Brickner will be mailing out a special report on this campaign, but for now, here are a few more stories and photos from Behold Your God Israel for you to enjoy.

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Real Deals

Unbury the treasure! If you love to read about God’s work in other countries, “Life’s Tapestry,” by Dr. Martin Goldsmith, is for you. Dr. Goldsmith looks back over forty years of Christian ministry in various parts of the world including Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa and Latin America. This 237-page book normally retails for $10.00 and is…

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Sneek Peek
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Next month our regular (print) newsletter will feature: An article by David Brickner titled What is Real?”; A feature on plans for this year’s Summer Witnessing Campaign in New York City; an article titled “Why Not Wear Your Witness this Summer?”; an article titled “Freedom in Christ” by Rob Wertheim, Moishe’s Musings on “When Your…

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Israel Behold Your God Outreach Photos

In Tel Aviv . . .   We handed out 131,725 gospel broadsides.   Some people read our broadsides on their own . . .   Others read them with friends.   Many people stopped to talk . . . And more than 2,000 gave their contact information to hear more. Please pray as we…

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