The New Age Festival, Boombamela, ran for three nights and four days in Israel. Yoel Ben David organized our Boombamela outreach and managed to recruit about 50 people to stand shoulder to shoulder with us. Volunteers included a group from OM, YWAM and a Korean missionary group. We had a double booth in a good location. (The festival takes place at the beach where many people camp out during the duration of the festival.) A total of 275 Israelis gave their names and phone numbers to hear more from us, and six Jewish people prayed to receive Yeshua. We distributed 10,000 broadsides and 500 books.

Yoel and an Othodox Jew

Yoel, in his Jews for Jesus T-shirt, in an intense conversation with an Orthodox Jew.

Boobmamela at night

Curious festival-goers peruse our booktable.

Boombamela Staff

A quiet moment at the booth on the beach.

Boombamela Biblestudy

Shlomy (left) leading a Bible study.